Mixed messages?

While most eyes were on the theatrics yesterday, David Trimble was using the UUP annual meeting to throw a few punches at the DUP – while, seemingly, calling for a election pact.. but only for Westminster seats – while, apparently, ruling out participation in, not just an Executive that included Sinn Féin, but also an Assembly, according to the BBC report that is – “Ulster Unionists will not re-enter an assembly which includes Sinn Fein, party leader David Trimble has said”.. although the speech, on the UUP website, only mentions non-participation in an Executive.

  • beano

    Speaks for itself..

    Is this where the BBC got their claim? I took that to mean he is saying they won’t enter the assembly if Sinn Fein holds any executive posts, although it could easily be interpreted in this other way. I think it was a good speech that was unfortunately overshadowed by SF’s conference.

  • johnhidd

    Does anyone take Trimble’s pledges seriously any more?

    Very poor turnout. The party would collapse without the large number of branches in Fermanagh and Tyrone. Four out of six officers elected are from that area.

    I think it was Jim Callaghan who, when asked “Prime Minister, why don’t you get rid of the dead wood from your cabinet?” replied: “I can’t do that! They’re the only ones who support me.”

  • aquifer

    An example of ‘in group outbidding’ perhaps

    hardly counts as leadership tho’

  • davidbrew

    A shame that all the choreography linking the UUP to Craig and Carson last week has been overshadowed today by the welcome news that the Orange will be dumping it on Saturday next. Seems the tough talking hasn’t impressed too many Brethren.

    And why is Trimble refusuing to sit in an Executive now because of provo criminality when it didn’t bother him after the murders of Kearney, Collins etc, not to mention the robberies at Macro. Yep, more tough talk in the mouth of an election , but it ain’t fooling anyone this time.

    “Go back to your constituencies – and prepare for oblivion!”