Suspects give police the silent treatment

According to the BBC those arrested and questioned by the PSNI have told the police nothing, which is in apparent contradiction to Gerry Adams’ plea for anyone who knows anything to tell what they know. We’ve also had reports that Brendan Devine, McCartney’s companion on that fateful night, has subsequently withdrawn his orginal intention to offer police his own account. The police ombudsman described the intimidation of witnesses as horrendous. Is the political dilemma for Sinn Fein too painful to bridge? Or is this simply a case of criminality let go and out of control?

  • The Devil

    This is nonsense, there is no way that the IRA men that came forward were not helpful to the PSNI.

    There is no way that they did not talk to the PSNI

    There is no way that they did not admit their part in the killing.


    Why it would be inconcievable that they would not listen to the IRA leadership.

    Why it would be beyond a madmans craziest dream that they would not listen to the S/F leadership of Adams and McGuiness to the Any Trash News at a lesser extent or Alexander Maskey at an even lesser extent.

    They were not asked they were told, “go to a solicitor”

    They were not asked they were told, “make a statement”

    So there is no way that they could be in any doubt about what was required of them.


    They listened carefully and did exactly as they were told.

    They contacted solicitors

    They went to the PSNI voluntarily

    They stated that they were in the bar that fateful night

    They then refused to say anything else and went home.


    Strange thing is they have done exactly as the IRA and the S/F leadership have told them to do………….

    err…….errr…ah…ummm… HAVE I MISSED SOMETHING