Mother Ireland bites back.

Central to the ethos of nationalism and republicanism is the figure of Mother Ireland.Now it seems women, so long side-lined in both constitutional and physical force Irish politics are fighting back.
In the Times Ben McIntyre looks at the power of women’s protests since the French Revolution in Beware the apron and painted sheet.

In a previous Blog, IRA: long dark journey ahead, Mick referenced a Guardian article looking at the three families who are demanding that the IRA act against it’s members who have betrayed their community. Tellingly in each case it is women who are at the forefront. This I would suggest exposes a weakness within the IRA. The Organisation has long prided itself that it didn’t make war on women,in part explaining the decades of denial about Jean McConville, even going so far as to apologise to the family of a Greenfinch they murdered, and as such is limited in it’s options against the women of these families.