An issue of trust and corporate forgetfulness?

Patricia McKenna, former Green MEP, writes of her suspicions of all military organisations, especially illegal ones, but argues that there are many other forms of injustices that have gone unaddressed throughout the years of the troubles, most notably the Dublin and Monaghan bombings.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Note to Daily Ireland – space between paragraphs on your online articles will make them much easier to read.

  • Redmond

    Patricia McKenna mixes a whole lot of issues up in her article.
    The crucial difference between the Brian Murphy and McCartney murders is there is no political/subversive dimension to Murphy. There was no private army in the Murphy case to clear up the scene, intimidate witnesses into silence pr call out a riot against the police investigating it. The Murphy case is quite rightly being dealt with by the Gardai and the Courts. It goes without saying that anybody who has information should give it to the Gardai. That does not need to be said by Ministers or the media. As for the Dublin/Monaghan bombings the issue of commemoration and remembrance is different to that of detection. These were investigated but without result. It is not fair comment to claim almost nothing was done to bring the culprits to justice. Because there was no arrests there was little follow up publicity but the bombings were not forgotten though maybe more could have been done. Maybe these bombings may never be solved but a glib assumption by some that Dublin putting pressure on the British will solve them is doubtful and is has created another excuse for ‘Brit bashing’ by SF as if they have any moral authority in this given that it was the IRA which bombed Birmingham and Guilford. That said, I believe the Brits should co-operate. As regard the McCartney murder getting undue publicity it was a recent murder, witness by many and carried out by republicans. It was only by the sisters coming out publicly and forcibly that progress in the investigation might be made. People in authority in Sinn Fein are in a position to influence the situation and it tests their bona fides in their own community. It has noting to do with prejudice against Sinn Fein or the singling out of victims of republican violence only. Anyway if there is less tolerance these days of killings by republicans or anybody else in connection with the northern politics so much the better. It was the public and media reaction against pub bombings that eventually stopped them. Hopefully the same will now be true of killings in nationalist areas by the IRA whether sanctioned or not.