sicNotes live-blogs the Ard Fheis

The tenacious Richard Delevan is live-blogging the Sinn Féin Ard Fheis. Bravo! He opens with a brief report on Martin McGuinness’ speech and notes that “the media were kept outside the auditorium for an extra hour. Speculation is that some remarks were made during the opening ceremony that we weren’t meant to hear”.. hmmm. His second blog notes that by the time Gerry Kelly had finished his speech, “Half the media had already gone home.”

  • Davros

    He’s a good man is Richard. Waiting on tenterhooks for his report on:

    “Extension of smoking ban to north
    8. Recognizing the primary importance of the rights of workers to a healthy working
    environment and in the event of the restoration of the Six County Assembly and
    Executive, this Ard Fheis instructs the party’s representatives within those institutions
    to immediately introduce enabling legislation with a view to introducing comprehensive
    and effective legislative protection to all workers and the general public from the detrimental
    effects of second hand smoke through the introduction of a complete ban on
    tobacco smoking in the workplace and in all enclosed public places (with the exception
    of places of detention and residential care homes).
    Upper Bann Chomhairle Ceantair “

  • Young Irelander

    This is a great idea and Richard is boosting the profile of blogging.

    His site is top quality.

  • Hardy Handshake

    Bravo…or Provo ?