McCartney family respond to SF suspensions

The McCartney family have issued a statement in response to SF’s suspension of seven party members. In the accompanying UTV report, the family are quoted as saying that the move by SF was “nothing more than what would have been expected from any democratically elected party”, but they also state that “those names have been known to Sinn Fein officials from the outset”

The family’s position remains fundamentally unchanged –

“The handing over of the names to the Police Ombudsman through a solicitor is of symbolic significance.

“Providing a solicitor with a statement to be passed on to the Ombudsman is an inadequate method of gathering evidence.

“The repeated appeals for those to come forward and tell what they know has to date had little effect on the ground.

“Robert`s life was taken from him as if it was of no value.

“It is only when those involved are convicted will the value of life be restored.

“It is only when this happens that this family will accept that all that can be done has been done.”

  • Tomasmaguire

    For anyone interested in this family’s story cast your eye over the alleged experiences of this family from Derry in 2002, its remarkable in the similarities of both incidents and the republican movement’s alleged response to it. In this context, its astonishing how far Sinn Fein et al have been forced to move publicly by the love of a family for their dead husband/son /brother. (Albeit bouyed by a media free for all with a clear anti-republican bias)

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    Tomas, I remember that case well. If I have it right, Joseph McCloskey picketed 10 Downing Street while Gerry Adams was due to arrive there for urgent discussions with the PM on some aspect of the political process which had recently failed. McCloskey had been appealing to SF for months but had been ignored. Suddenly after this event the IRA’s expulsion was dropped. And they try to say SF has nothing to do with the IRA.