Fall and fall of Journalism (3)

More vigourous discussion on the LSE talk on Monday. I think I want to take issue with Harry when he says “Political blogging is much more about politics than media”, but fear that someone may already have made the point in the huge thread it’s given birth to. Paul Anderson is just enjoying the blog experience for what it is. Bill Quick reckons the debate in the UK is two years in arrears of the US. Zerzaust, is just plain surprised.

  • fmk

    if the uk is two years behind the us, how far behind is ireland itself? a minor storm in an espresso cup blew up yesterday when the freedom institute linked to sites used by four candidates in the upcoming by elections in meath and kildare. the subsequent feedback is continuing across multiple sites, the main ones are linked to from here: http://www.loopdiloop.com/folderol/2005/03/irish-blogosphere.asp

  • aquifer

    The MSM (MainStream Media) are a series of bandwidth bottlenecks policed by vested economic & sectarian interests.

    You drive the MSM toll road signposted to places that no longer exist, or take the scenic walking route and arrive in good mental health, having met some interesting characters along the way. Fair trade.