What goes round comes round….

Conor Sweeney in the Irish Independent reports that Sinn Féin’s difficulties are set to continue.As well as facing an attempt to stop the parliamentary expenses of the Ms’s McDonald and de Brún, the two largest parties have indicated that SF’s links to terrorism are to be discussed in the European Parliament. MEPs to debate Sinn Fein links to IRA. SF’s earlier attempt to embarrass and put pressure on the British Government in Europe via an Fhirinne means they can hardly complain.

SINN Fein’s troubles in the European Parliament intensified last night when the two largest parties signalled they want to raise its links to the IRA and criminality in a debate next week.

This comes on top of a separate attempt by British MEPs to halt the expenses and allowances for the two Sinn Fein representatives, Mary Lou McDonald and Barbara de Brun.

The leader of the Socialists, Martin Schultz, will speak out on the issue, it was confirmed last night. Mr Schultz, from Germany, is the leader of the second largest party in the 732 member parliament.

While the largest party, the EPP, has appointed Fine Gael’s Simon Coveney to represent it in the debate at the start of business.

British Labour party members and Labour’s Proinsias de Rossa, who are all members of the Socialists in the parliament, will also speak.

Having played the European card themselves Sinn Féin will look foolish is they label this a stunt and of course there’s an extra dimension – people like Martin Schultz can hardly be accused of electioneering or opportunism.

Europe : you know it makes sense.

  • aquifer

    Is a bankrupt Sinn Fein beside a flush IRA the best idea in the world? Political funding here is low by EU standards, cutting it just hands the initiative to the gangsters. Give the other democratic parties some extra funding as compensation for putting up with Provo meanderings. The net effect of IRA involvement was to get the DUP in and to put the SDLP and UUP in debt. Give them all some cash. It could pay for the Doc’s retirement party. Sure didn’t most of the IRA money come from government in the first place via tax and duty scams. Its an Ireland of equals, Even the score.

  • Davros

    That’s an interesting way of looking at it aquifer.