Unionists set to celebrate centenary

Strange, but a year ago you would have said that of the two parties celebrating a centenrary, the one with most celebrate would not have been the UUs. Now with the chance to have some time out of the spotlight, and with most of the internal dissent gone, they seem to be having the better of it.

  • jimmyquickswipe

    They better celebrate quick while they can, there’s an election soon.

  • davidbrew

    “with most of the internal dissent gone”

    hmmm- don’t speak too soon. Remember Barnstoneworth United

  • Christopher Stalford

    “…with most of the internal dissent gone…”

    Along with most of the voters!

  • Rebecca Black

    ah now children, don’t be jealous because your parties don’t have a 100 years of excellent service to celebrate.

    Be sure to catch Hearts and Minds tonight, I hear its going to be about the centenary celebrations.

  • Christopher Stalford


    The UUC can celebrate 60 years of good service 1905-1965, I’m afraid after that ir went down hill rather rapidly!

  • alex s

    Christopher what has the DUP achieved since its creation, remember “smash Sinn Fein”, and what about “No Dublin Rule” who was Blair discussing our future with today?

  • alex s

    Christopher I forgot to ask, Peter & Iris and that £40 000 London accomadation allowance, one flat or two?