Talking may be over-rated

Meanwhile, back on Earth – or somewhere closely resembling it – Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and Prime Minister Tony Blair are holding talks in Downing Street – I wouldn’t expect any startling revelations though.

  • PaddyCanuck

    Bertie now says Sinn Fein do not want a comprehensive deal or settlement:

    Bertie has clearly lost the plot, Sinn Fein have now been stood up twice at the alter, once by Trimble, once by Paisley, and they are accused of not wanting a deal.

    They have decommissioned, pledged to decommission all weapons, they have participated in government, they were willing to sign up to policing, they created the atmosphere for a deal, and it was Sinn Fein who initiated the Hume Adams dialogue which began the peace process. They negotiated the GFA with others, and have argued for it and defended it time and time again across the island, in election after election. This is utter nonsense, what is Berties agenda? It is certainly not a Republican agenda.

    Is agenda is to destroy Sinn Fein electorally, and to defend the status quo on the Island, that is he want to maintain Fianna FAil as the party of choice government in the 26 counties, and he wants to have meek bedfellows in the six.

  • peteb


    you may want to re-think your comment – the actual report doesn’t quite fit your theory so well as the one you thought you saw.

  • peteb

    Mind you, I should probably add that I don’t agree with the Taioseach’s assessment on this.

  • PaddyCanuck

    Woops, good call thnk pete!

  • Stephen Copeland

    That should be Taoiseach, Pete. Its a simple word, one of the very few words in Irish that you might ever need to use, so for the sake of courtesy it would be nice of you to make the small effort necessary.

  • peteb

    Ah.. where would I be without the army of sub-editors to correct every mis-spelling..

    But thank you for being so understanding, Stephen.

  • Stephen Copeland


    Your sarcasm hints at what I suspected – that your mis-spelling of Taoiseach was motivated, not accidental ….

  • peteb

    Believe what you want to, Stephen… and I’ll believe that you’re just a little too tightly wound today.

  • Davros

    For heavens sake Stephen [for petes sake ? ;)] everybody makes typos – and it’s especially easy in a language that is not one’s first. Even the SF website gets tangled up with spelling in Irish.

  • Stephen Copeland

    Prove me wrong in the future, Pete. Then we’ll both be happy.

  • peteb

    If you’d been paying attention, Stephen, you’d know that I’ve been fine with my spelling of Taoiseach… many times.. but don’t let the facts get in the way of your pet theories.

  • Edgylee

    Seems like a bit of a storm in a Taoiseach….?

  • Jacko

    Good God almighty, what little human error will people dive on next to excuse them wallowing in the comfortable swamp of victimhood?
    Dry your eyes, Stephen, and get a life.

  • GavBelfast

    Amazing what some people will take offence at.

    Is Bertie, with his latest offering, perhaps softening-up the Sinners (I mean Shinners) for another fall as events in Cork and elsewhere develop? A cute man is Bertie.

  • Lafcadio


    Stephen Copeland plans counter-strike by spelling Unionist “Bum-ionist” at next opportunity…

    my oh my..

  • Hardy Handshake

    Yadda yadda yadda, Jaysus would yiz ever all just SHADDUPPAYAHFACE, ain’t yiz got any kind of a sex life at all at all ?

  • DessertSpoon

    Oh dear God…..mis-spelling of Taoiseach was motivated, not accidental …..

    I never realised that misspellings were actually real life Freudian like manifestations of deep seated prejudice and distain. Then again could just have been a typo.

    It’s idiotic reactions and thinking like yours Stephen that makes me despair for this country.

    On a brighter note a group of Primary School children were asked to identify local Politicians during a school trip to Stormont. Usually the kids only ever know the Doc and Gerry. Not one of them picked either of them out (of course they didn’t know anyone else either). Maybe their parents are just not very political (see Alex Kane post) or maybe finally a group of kids who really can grow up with out most of the political baggage??