Pressure brings (more) results

Sinn Féin have suspended 7 party members over their alleged involvement in the murder of Robert McCartney. The seven were on a list of names provided by the McCartney family. The SF Party President Gerry Adams has issued a statement saying that “if any of the seven were found to have been involved, Sinn Fein would take action to expel them”. The full list of names is on its way to the Police Ombudsman.

  • alex s

    Remember what happened in the aftermath of the McCabe killing, no witnesses and the state had to settle for a manslaughter conviction for what was clearly a murder, watch this space!

  • Alan McDonald

    Will they be called the Seven Deadly Sinners?

  • Davros

    What a huge and complex story. Were these 7 also IRA members ?

  • Young Irelander


    Very nice!I doubt we’ll see a headline that will beat that.

  • fair_deal

    I hope Alex Maskey will now apologise to the public and the PSNI for false statements immediately after the murder.

  • AW

    In most other political organisations people would have been resigning by now. At what point do senior members of SF resign?

  • PaddyCanuck

    Why should senior members resign? They had no involvement?

    Which parties are you talking about? Give examples.

  • GavBelfast

    Maybe it’s a different matter if the ‘party’ concerned is a front?

  • AW

    It is a question of credibility as the very leadership of this party is so discredited that no one can trust a word that they utter. Alex Maskey has been deeply wounded by his own utterances. What a load of unconvincing piffle he came out with. But who can believe any of them? Is it time for a new leader who is not wedded to the armed struggle? There is a huge credibility problem and it deepens by the hour. SF may not be able to progress its ambitions in the Republic without change at the top.

    As for “no involvement” what do you mean in the crime (or crimes) or in assisting in this and other cover ups? Their collective standard of conduct fall below what one should expect from elected representatives. Is Gerry in this job for life? Is it really impossible for some new people to move up the greasy pole in SF? Surely in such a large and vibrant party there is a wealth of new talent?

    It will be a long time before anyone is willing to believe any of the current leadership. It is time for change for leaders who believe unquestionably, and in unqualified terms, that all crime is crime and that murder carried out by anyone is just that murder. Is that too much to expect?

  • Davros

    Hmmm .. reading the statement on the SF Website – I wonder when they were suspended ?

  • dave

    So SF/IRA aka (Rafia) intend to suspend several members of their “party”? What length of suspension time are we talking about, A DAY, A few weeks? Yet another fudge by a bunch of murderers.

  • vespasian

    It matters notwhat SF/IRA and the Loyalist thugs do now, everyone knows that they are up to their necks in criminality, more and more families are going to come out of the shadows to look for justice for their loved ones.

    They have been give a beacon of hope by the McCartney and McGinley families that may at last take this oppression from the lives of so many on all sides in Northern Ireland.

    Everyone should remember there is NO Ombudsman for Thugs to complain to, unlike the Ombudsman for the PSNI.

  • Jacko

    The situation is undoubtedly being dragged towards a point where the provisional IRA disbands.
    We shouldn’t allow the difficulties they are facing to distract from the neccessity of loyalist gangsters doing the same.
    They are sitting back at the moment, rubbing their hands with glee at the problems the provisionals are having and thinking it has nothing to do with them. It has an awful lot to do with them, their organisations must be driven out of existence as well.

  • pakman

    Can any of the republican cheer leaders out there help me with this question – if Sinn Fein suspend every member who has been envolved in a brutal murder how many members would they have left?

  • davidbrew

    yep pakman, it’s probably as big a punishment as being suspended from their golf club- hardly a fitting punishment

  • Vlaams

    Surely this proves the problem with the “Ourselves Alone” mentality. By demonstrating by their actions their belief that only the Republican Movement can be relied on to provide justice, they may strengthen their core base. However, this merely reinforces the impression to everyone else that the Republican movement believes they are genuinely a special case, sui generis , themselves alone, and are congenitally and pathologically incapable of abiding by the same ground rules of what constitutes a Rechsstaat , a state based on the rule of law.

    The suspicion must be that this is a purely tactical suspension for PR reasons to get through this weekend

  • levitas

    Many of the posters on this site are so blinded by irrational prejudice that NO MATTER what Gerry Adams does or says it would not be good enough….does that sound familiar to amy of you readers ?

    So three RA members have been expelled and 7 members of SF suspended and their names FORWARDED BY GERRY ADAMS TO THE 7 POLICE OMBUDSMEN

    T in Republcan terms is extraordinarily heavy, since the intention is that these names will, I am sure, be automatically passed on to the PSNI.

    It’s no good asking Gerry Adams to pass their names on to the PSNI directly since that is clearly a political no go…and in fact ahve alot in common with the old Trotskyist strategy of “transitional demands” which placed impossible demands upon capitalsim in order to hasten its collapse!

    In fact if all 10 were (and no the three RA and the 7 SF are not necessarily interconnecting sets) tied up and deposited at the PSNI HQ by the Sinn Fein Ard Comhairle en masse it still would not satisfy so many of the above posters.

    Since the sad fact is that they do not really care a toss about Bert Mc Cartney’s family, but wish to make political hay at Sinn Fein’s expense.

    Well it appears that you will have to try a lot harder than that lads, the Irish Times have published their latest opinion poll and SF has only dropped from 11% to 9%, whilst Labour and the PD’s have dropped even more proportionately…I just spoke in my journo capacity to a senior figure in the SF admin in Dublin and off the record he said they were absolutely “amazed and delighted” by this poll-especially since it looks like the PD’s and Labour are self destructing-almost like a poisoner poisoning himself through such sustained contact with toxic substances !

    So from what I hear the Shinners are feeling that if the most sustained press and media barrage since the cease-fire,(getting on for nearly 3 months solid of 24-7 bile and vitriol now) only results in a tiny 2 points drop in the ROI , then they reckon the chances of recovery , even in the ROI, in about 6 months must be pretty good.

    My contact said they had been “bracing ourselves for a 2% rating not a 2% drop!” …so maybe that champers won’t be staying on ice over the Ard Fheis weekend after all??

  • Davros

    Many of the posters on this site are so blinded by irrational prejudice

    Certainly a lot of posters are prejudiced in respect of the IRA, Sinn Féin and the SF leadership team. However “irrational” is open to debate and might it’s use not be said to indicate your own prejudices ?

  • mickhall


    What you write about the smallish percentage fall in SF support is hardly surprising, as Sinn Fein’s core constituency is amazingly loyal, due mainly to the manner in which Republicans conducted themselves within these communities, throughout the darkest days of the troubles. This loyalty is one of the reasons that this core community has been so furious with the Republican movement after the murder of Robert McCartney. Far from returning this loyalty, it seemed as if for a time the RM leadership placed itself along side the killers and not the community SF is there to serve.(Alex Maskeys behavior etc)

    With the expulsions from the PIRA and now SF this seems to have changed and not before time. The important thing now is that SF members do not misinterpret these opinion polls and thus fail to recognise the disastrous situation the aforementioned behaviour almost brought upon the PRM. Far from thinking all is back to normal, what you need to be doing is making sure this situation is not repeated in the future. The devil makes work for idle hands and unless SF makes it clear to the PIRA that it is time for them to stand down and dump arms, then without any doubt there will be a rerun of these events and another family and the community they come from will experience similar tragic events. In the meantime the pressure still needs to be kept on to make sure those guilty of Mr McCartneys murder, are brought to book; and there is only one organisation which can ensure this happens. Loyalty is a two way thing.

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    levitas, my concern is that the McCartneys want justice and the republicans have been blocking it. As late as yesterday the McCartneys were still saying that elements were either intimidating people out of giving a statement, or saying that people should give misleading statements.

    Statements to the police are the means through which the McCartneys are going to get the justice that they’re looking for, but statements to the police ombudsman seem to be an acceptable compromise for all involved.

  • Ringo


    The devil makes work for idle hands and unless SF makes it clear to the PIRA that it is time for them to stand down and dump arms, then without any doubt there will be a rerun of these events and another family and the community they come from will experience similar tragic events.

    Is there not still a problem that even if the IRA is offically stood down – there are a significant number people who are in the organisation who lack the discipline to return to ‘civilian life’.

    This attack demonstrates that even while the IRA exists its members are prone to criminal acts – how is that likely to decrease or disappear when the organisation that puts some manner of structure on them is removed? Is the only benefit going to be to Sinn Fein, who will be able to distance itself from allegations of criminality in a way they haven’t been able to do of late.

    This is of concern to wider society across the island, but surely it must be of greatest concern in republican areas? How are these people going to be dealt with – I can’t see how any amount of police reforms will result in a satisfactory outcome in this regard.

    Any thoughts?