Not all dark news for Sinn Fein

Jude Collins finds a few bright spots in what’s clealry been a gloomy sky, and reminds his readers that no one has yet been charged with anything conclusively.

  • DessertSpoon

    Wow all of that just to plug his book! Getting a bit tired of it all now. I think I finally understand the concept of media saturation.

  • Jacko

    What a terrible column.
    All built around two things: try to get the McDowell-is-Thatcher stuff to stick, and flog his latest book.

  • GavBelfast

    I read the column in Eason’s in Belfast at lunchtime and must say I was as bored by the content and unimpressed by the style as I was with him in the Irish News.

    I’m surprised that the same incoherency of argument has now earned Collins a transfer to another ‘paper’.

    Is Collins only featured because he is a republican and known, rather than becuase he’s any good at all at writing?