McManus: campaign against SF not for justice

Richard Delevan blogs comments from US based Father Sean McManus which implies that the campaign for justice for their murdered brother by the McCartney family is no more than a publicity campaign against Sinn Fein: “If the purpose is to launch a campaign in America against not only the IRA but Sinn Fein, than that campaign is profoundly misguided because it’s going to distract from the issue, and further it’s not going to succeed.”

  • Davros

    I remember reading in a biography of Malcolm X that his father was found dead after being it by a train with injuries consistent with being beaten and tied to a railway track. The Verdict … suicide. Fr McManus’ comments don’t sound that different.

  • spirit-level

    Yes indeed Mr Davros
    There’s so much work to be done to change the mindset of the “old buoyos”
    and a priest to boot!

  • mickhall

    I feel before going to the US the MCartneys need to set out what there aims in making the journey are. They also need to make it clear who is financing this trip. The smear squad is waiting for them to make a single mistake and out it will come. It has been said they are to meet George Bush, what good will that do, after all he has more innocent blood on his hands than the PIRA thugs who murdered their brother. If there campaign is to achieve its aims it must be centred on the Short Strand and core Republican Communities. This murder happened locally and it can only be solved locally, leave the politics and White House photo opportunities to the politicians, after all such things are designed to enhance Goerge Bush’s reputation, not bring a bunch of killers to book.

  • Occasional Commenter

    I think the trip would be a good way to get this issue highlighted outside Northern Ireland. If meeting the U.S. president doesn’t help, then why is every NI politician desperate for an invite?

    mickhall asks who would finance the trip. Any ideas on how one could donate money?

  • Davros

    Sinn Féin were reported as helping the members of an Fhirinne on their journey outside the province – to the European parliament … So if Gerry and co’ are sincere, possibly the richest party on the island will assist ? Failing that Irish Northern Aid were prepared to sponsor an Fhirinne on their trip to the USA. If they aren’t, as claimed, IRA fund-raisers but are merely an organisation interested in justice, then presumably they will step forward….

  • Jacko

    Such a profoundly christian attitude for Fr. McManus to adopt. It would nearly make you want to start going to church again.

  • vespasian

    Father Mc Manus does need to realise that the winds of change have blown through NI and that the people are throwing off the shackles of terrorism and its oppresion of large sections of the community.

    We need a wholesale uprising of all sides of the community against these thugs who are nothing but common crinminals who strut around as though they own areas of NI, and they need to be ostracised by governments around the world.

  • john

    Fr McManus has yet again stepped outside the realms of Christian decency in an effort to protect Sinn Fein, an unchristian organisation.

    As a Catholic I find his role brings the whole Church into disrepute.

  • alex s

    McManus is out of touch and should be ignored which I suspect is increasingly the case stateside

  • Alan McDonald

    alex s

    Would that it were true that the McManus position was being ignored here in the USA.
    The Friends of Sinn Fein have done a very good job in taking over the grass roots of all Irish American organizations. I got into an argument in the Letters to the Editor column with the head of the local AOH some years ago when he insisted that there was nothing in the GFA about decommisioning!

    Now my Congressman, Jim Walsh, is spouting the Sinn Fein spin that all this is really a political attack by Bertie Ahern.

  • Peter Nolan

    “It has been said they are to meet George Bush, what good will that do, after all he has more innocent blood on his hands than the PIRA thugs who murdered their brother.”

    Yeah, I’m sick of all these Americans – religious fanatics, totally ignorant of foreign cultures and repeatedly trying to export death and destruction. Wait, just like Father McManus in fact!

  • Hardy Handshake

    A right-wing Catholic priest utterly out of touch with reality and standing foursquare against the interests of justice and those who seek it ? Surely not !

    Those sorrowful mysteries jus’ keep on a-rollin’ bruthaz an’ sistaz !

  • Sean Mc Manus

    Irish National Caucus. Press Release
    Friday, March 4, 2005

    Father Mc Manus Responds to Blogger Delevan’s Distortions
    Was Not “Scathing” Towards Mc Cartneys

    On Wednesday, March 2, 2005, a Richard Delevan telephoned from Dublin and left a message on the voice-mail of the Irish National Caucus, saying he was writing for The Evening Herald in Dublin, and that he wanted to talk to me about the proposed visit of the Mc Cartney sisters to Washington.I called him back.

    He told me that he wanted to speak to me “ as I was a long-time respected leader in the Irish-American community”. That set off a little alarm bell in my mind, which I stilled just in case the man was being gracious.

    I told him there was deep and profound sympathy among Irish-Americans for the Mc Cartney family, and absolute revulsion at the savage murder of poor Robert… and I described the murder as “ one of the very worst of all the many murders”.

    I then told him I was very sensitive to the call of one of Robert’s sisters that their dead brother not be treated as” a political football”. And I kept stressing that Irish-Americans wanted justice for the Mc Cartney family. Mr. Delevan, however, kept pushing to know what repercussions the Mc Cartney U.S. visit would have on Sinn Fein and I kept insisting the issue was justice for the Mc Cartney family.

    He then said he was not the one who was claiming that the Mc Cartney visit would affect Sinn Fein, but that one of the sisters had declared that they were going to America to straighten out Irish-Americans about the real nature of Sinn Fein. My response was as follows: If the objective is to get justice for the Mc Cartney family, then all decent Irish-Americans will support it. In my opinion, however, it would be a great disservice to Robert’s cause if the campaign were turned into yet another campaign to hurt Sinn Fein… that it would be a great mistake, and that, as a matter of fact, it would not work… that Gerry Adams had the trust of Irish-Americans and was hugely respected”.

    Ironically, when we were finished I asked, “ have you got what you wanted?” Mr. Delevan replied he had and thanked me for very frankly and directly answering his questions.

    Mr.Delevan would later write up his report (
    I had not realized he was a Blogger, as he had not told me. He did, however tell me that because The Evening Herald was not up on the Web he could not email me a copy of the article but that he would mail me a hard copy of his article as it appeared in The Evening Herald).

    In his Blogg report, Mr. Delevan said I was “ particularly scathing” towards the Mc Cartney family.
    How in God’s name could he possibly say that? For over 30 years I have often been attacked in the media for speaking up for justice and peace in Ireland (that, of course, goes with the territory). But I ‘ve rarely been falsely reported or misrepresented by a professional journalist, — even by the most hostile.
    Mr. Delevan falsely reported and falsely distorted my position, which is one of total and profound sympathy for the Mc Cartney family and a deep desire to see justice for Robert. He as done exactly what one of Robert’s sister begged not to be done. He has used poor Robert as “ a political football”. God forgive him for that.

    Father Sean Mc Manus
    Irish National Caucus
    P.O. Box 15128
    Capitol Hill
    Washington, D.C. 20003-0849

  • Hardy Handshake

    Aye I’m sure ‘he’ will forgive him Sean, sure doesn’t he forgive the paedophile priests on a daily basis without so much as second thought.

    Be fair though, the fellow Delevan’s clearly got some sense of homour at least, what with referring to you as a long-time respected leader in the Irish-American community, pretty ungracious of him right enough

    Did you catch the Hegarty interview on Spotlight Sean ? Any thoughts at all ?