Colombia three found with the FARC

So they didn’t come home, well not just yet. Perhaps the time/political climate is not right? At the moment, according to the Newsletter, they are holed up in the Venezuelan jungle under the protection of the FARC, the organisation they were accused of illegally helping in the first place. The paper’s leader sees it the context of other recent events.

  • Hector

    “But amid a tense diplomatic stand-off between the increasingly communist-style Venezuelan regime and the Americanbacked Colombian government, the men are out of reach of Colombia’s army and police.”

    Wouldn’t uppity third world nationalist be a better description of Chavez’s regime?

  • Hardy Handshake

    Och now sure after all of that oul’ court craic and that annoying woman Ruane perpetually on their tail for this length of time the least these three fellas are entitled to is a wee holiday away from it all, in fairness.

    (Sorry Niall)

  • lámh dearg

    Oh, come on now HH, Catriona did nothing wrong, she was just being the Good Samaritan, taking 3 poor sods in danger to a place of safety.

    If only she had been in Magennis’s bar in Belfast.