Aggressive journalism will not effect results!

Brian Feeney has a warning from history for those journalists and broadcasters that are all too keen to see Sinn Fein cast into an early political grave: “aggressive interviewing might even have contributed to SF’s support because viewers and listeners likely to be sympathetic to SF become annoyed with the interviewer constantly interrupting and cutting in. People want to hear the answer and judge evasiveness for themselves”.

  • Davros

    “People want to hear the answer and judge evasiveness for themselves”

    That’s been part of the problem for SF LOL Thinking of the wonderful Martin McGuinness quote….

  • Mick Fealty

    Which is?

  • Davros

    But that is literally what you said

    Well it may be literally [what I said] but don’t literally interpret what I say!”, Martin McGuinness on RTE’s Q&A, 7th Feb.

    So there we go, even with the ban lifted we still cannot rely on what our own ears tell us 😉

  • peteb

    A quote that resulted from exactly the kind of ‘aggressive’ questioning that Brian Feeney doesn’t want to see..

  • Mick Fealty

    Surely his point relates to media as political players:

    “It’s true republicans have brought the recent odium on themselves but only they can deal with the authors of their misfortune, the IRA. The Taoiseach has instructed them to do so and return when they have. It’s clear from the restrained comments of unionists, remarkably even Paisley, who nearly got stitched up in December, that unionists dearly want the last piece of the jigsaw to fall into place. What is equally clear is that many people in the meedja and politics do not, not if the last piece clicking in means Sinn Féin entering the political arena as equals”.

  • Jacko

    What he is actually saying is: Where SF is concerned, the media shouldn’t do their job.

    Brian Feeny is such a non-aggressive contributor to the debate himself, of course.

  • peteb

    “his point relates to media as political players”

    A point, Mick, that Brian Feeney knows a lot about.

  • aquifer

    A lawyer will be a much better judge of evasion than most of us however. The fact of SF speaking uninterrupted in the media confers importance to their party. If journalists judge SF too evasive they should cut the interview short.

  • lecorri

    I would like to find out how to get an actual quote from mr. feeny as to where his info comes on gerry adams and items such as the northern bank robbery and his comments that GA is head of the IRA or sits on the IRA general council..from where or whom does he get his facts?

  • fair_deal

    I usually like to read Feeney’s stuff but this is just utter balls and a pathetic attempt to get journos to be more referential. If you can’t stand the heat….