Cork linked to Northern Bank robbery

Dermot Ahern has confirmed that some of the money recovered by police in raids around Cork came from the Northern Bank Robbery. However in a later story UTV reports “Northern Ireland Chief Constable Hugh Orde said police were still not in a position to confirm that the money recovered in the Irish Republic was from the Northern Bank robbery.” Confused? So am I.

  • PaddyCanuck

    I think they may be trying to say that the money was likely, indirectly from the bank robbery, i.e. laundered, but it is not actual money stolen from the bank. They could have checked a list of serial numbers, note by note by now, if they wanted to prove the true origin of the money, so they are hanging on, hoping that they can prove the link in the longer run.

    It does not fit in with their original accusations, so they are putting it on the long finger….

  • vespasian

    How about, they are stringing it along as far as possible so that SF/IRA will continue to deny it and then will come out with all the evidence in a week or two to further bury SF/IRA.

    The longer they hold the information the longer the whole mess will continue for SF if the Northern Bank money is indeed there, never underestimate the spooks dept.

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    Paddy, the serial numbers don’t seem to be any good. There are several stories of the alleged bad notes that have turned up in legit circumstances, issued over the counter by the banks. I think the truth is that the Northern weren’t properly auditing what was going on in their vault and they don’t want to say in public “we really don’t have a clue what notes were stolen”. They have a rough idea but can’t say for sure.

    It isn’t helpful that Orde and the RoI authorities can’t get their story straight, but I am inclined to believe Orde; I suspect the Ahern is just speculating rather than repeating an official confirmation from the Garda.

  • James

    What a bunch of chuckerheads!

    The Foreign Minister is briefing people on Ministry of Justice matters. Where the hell is McDowell anyway? For that matter where the hell is the Taoiseach, growin’ dem shamrocks for Dubya? Isn’t he supposed to keep the team clued as to what’s really in their portfolios?

    Does this clear the way for Condi Rice to issue daily press briefings on the Michael Jackson trial? Tune in Santa Barbara, live video feed at 11 ……