Attwood and the ‘English’ lawyer…

I’M not sure that this could accurately be described as a ‘racial row’, but it seems the SDLP’s policing spokesman, Alex Attwood, has caused upset with certain remarks he made about the English in conversation with Policing Board human rights advisers. The offence was compounded by the fact that one of the “English lawyers” was in fact from Northern Ireland. Doh!Breaking News reports tonight:

The West Belfast MLA said he had personally contacted Mr Starmer to stress any upset was not intended.

“If I said something in haste that has angered anyone I will acknowledge that. “That’s the proper way for people in public life to respond when there’s a perception that things might have caused upset.

“There was something I said that was inaccurate, that one of the lawyers was from England when she was from the North.”