Where Sinn Fein's money comes from…

This is getting to be something a bad soap opera. The Irish Independent claims that the party has claimed more than €1.5m from the Republic’s taxpayers last year. The Labour party has produced a draft Electoral (Amendment) Bill to give effect to law that could suspend payments to the party in the Republic as well as Stormont.

“Under such a law, the biggest potential loss for Sinn Fein would be its annual Party Leader’s Allowance which came to €285,550 last year and which is intended to fund parliamentary research and policy. As the Provisionals’ best-known Oireachtas research recently has been a spying operation targeting government ministers and TDs, a case could be made for withholding the Party Leader’s Allowance”.

“In 2004, Sinn Fein qualified for an additional windfall worth €310,730 in reimbursements from the Department of Finance following the local and European elections. While the party declared an expenditure of €313,939 and 81c in the European election campaign, it was repaid €38,092 for each of its four candidates. At the same time, its 25 candidates in the local elections received a combined reimbursement payment of nearly €160,000”.

By contrast, the Progressive Democrats, home of Justice Minister and Sinn Fein bete noire Michael McDowell, did not receive a cent from the taxpayer for last year’s Euro elections as it did not field a candidate. The year before, it qualified for €303,264 Exchequer funding, compared to Sinn Fein’s €416,566.

  • aquifer

    Where the IRA has provided personnel and logistical help to SF election campaigns, this level of state funding could make SF part of a money laundering scheme, turning illicitly funded resources into government approved cash.

    Much IRA cash came from tax avoidance scams, so the Government paid for SF twice, and will pay again for police overtime.

    No wonder Bertie is hacked off.

  • James

    That’s over a million Euros more than they cleared here acording to the last Department of Justice report.

    Tee hee.