What is going on?

I’m travelling back from Pisa tomorrow and hoping to be up in London on Monday, so the hiatus in my own blogging may take another short while to reel in. One of the last broadcasts I heard from Ireland (before I left for Italy) last week was a very earnest ‘what is going on’ from Eammon Maillie, who’s had his finger on the Republican pulse since he began as a freelance on Downtown Radio nearly 30 years ago. His colleague David McKitterick is similarly discommoded by Sinn Fein’s incoherent response to recent events.

  • Davros

    How much coverage has this had in Italy Mick ? I assume the illness of the Pope has priority, but is this mentioned in the Italian media ?

    p.s. any chance of some of that delightful Italian pipe tobacco or failing that common or garden Condor duty free ? 😉 If you don’t ask ….