On the need for journalistic effort and caution

Not to try and outdo Mark Devenport whilst he’s in philosophical mode, but since he starts with a quote I’ll blog him one better on the requisite caution re numerous accusations against Sinn Fein and the IRA. This one’s from Francis Bacon: “If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts, but if he will be content to begin with doubts, he shall end in certainties”.

  • Young Irelander

    Sinn Fein supporters know full well that the IRA carried out the Northern Bank raid.These people,and many of them contribute to this site,will continue to support Sinn Fein/IRA criminality no matter what.

    These fools need to realise that Adams and co. haven’t a hope of delivering a United Ireland.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    There’s more from Mark today here on Inside Politics.

  • Da McGlincheys Code

    Well you certainly would know Young Irelander after all you do have your finger on the pulse of what is happening. On your own site on Wednesday you were trumpeting the fact that Guildford (sic) barracks was closing. Like a few other I was wondering why a barracks in England would be exercising you so much then I realise that in your own inept way you were referring to GIRDWOOD in North Belfast. Pretty fundamental mistake to make, after all the proper site wwas in virtually every newspaper.

    Please remember to play the ball not the man A.U.

  • Davros

    YI – I suspect that for many within the movement the last thing they want is for the deliverance of a United Ireland. They would be lost. They are doing nicely as they are. The power they had without the risks they took before the ceasefire, the rich pickings of the criminal support network without the risks, all the benefits without the dangers and no responsibility to the communities they parasitize. The ‘struggle’ is now more important in itself than the original goal.

    Parasitology is a fascinating subject. The Host organism can tolerate only so much – and can even get benefit from the presence of a low level of occupancy (symbiosis) – and once that host/parasite relationship is compromised the parasite itself starts to suffer. We are at that stage now.

  • Young Irelander

    Da McGlincheys Code,

    I see you’re yet another Slugger contributor offended by an anti-Sinn Fein stance.That’s a real shame.
    I’m real sorry if I got the wrong name for the barracks on my site.Then again,you SF supporters are great at keeping tabs on things to do with the British army,aren’t you?

    Davros,you make a good point and I agree that the Shinners feel they are doing nicely where they are.

    Please remember, retaliation is not accepted as mitigation for playing the man. And it could spoil what might yet develope into an interesting discussion. A.U.

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    Davros, the IRA would continue to exist after Irish reunification in the same form that they do now, and conducting their criminal and murder operations in the same way that they do now just as they do in Dublin and Cork. True enough, it would be a lot harder for them to persuade their communities to resist the police.

  • Da McGlincheys Code


    I’m not offended about anything in particular you may post. Neithr am i playing the man. Although when you put up a post based on alleged certainties please don’t be annoyed when it is pointed out that in the past you are guilty of quite blatant inaccuracies.
    In that context your GUILDFORD post was rather sloppy and it is on that basis you are judged.

  • spirit-level

    Spot on YI
    “These fools need to realise that Adams and co. haven’t a hope of delivering a United Ireland.”

    Not even cracking the Davinci Code would help them now;)

  • Young Irelander

    Da McGlincheys Code

    “In that context your GUILDFORD post was rather sloppy and it is on that basis you are judged.”

    I guess I’m just not as pedantic as you are.For example I wouldn’t draw attention to the fact that you spelled the word “was” as “wwas” and the word “Neither” as “Neithr”.

    Then again,I’m sure you could never be “sloppy” or guilty of “quite blatant inaccuracies”,could you? 😉

  • James


    “Get you facts first then you can distort them as you please”
    Sam Clemens

    So whatcha think of the spirit of caution displayed so far?

  • Da McGlincheys Code


    by all means be pedantic over typing mistakes, but then again typing mistakes aren’t reflective of the CONTENT of a thread.
    You were wrong on quite a basic fact. That is not a problem as long as you do not adopt such a soap box platform.
    I am not critcising you per se, just pointing out that it is wrong for you to post in such a definitive manner and allude to deal in certainties.
    It is not a pro or anti SF position just a matter of asking you to be a bit more humble.

  • Young Irelander

    Da McGlincheys Code,

    Mistakes are mistakes.We are only human.I don’t mind if you point out my mistakes.Anybody who has visited my site will know I am prone to quite a few mistakes and alot of contributors regularly point them out!I do not mind people pointing out my errors.
    I do however object to Provo apologists trying to drive anti-SF types like myself away with negative comments,as you did.There was animosity in your comment which was down to you objecting to an anti-SF stance.That’s disappointing.
    You say you’re “not criticising” yet you used inflammatory language such as calling me “inept”.Was that really necessary?That’s more man than ball,no?

    By all means point out my inaccuracies,just leave out the personal attacks.

  • Da McGlincheys Code


    you appear brittle to the point of precious. You were quite definitive in your first post, but as you rightly pointed out you are regularly guilty of inaccuracies, point is why be so antagonistic.

    Does the mere pointing out of those inaccuracies now earn the slight ‘provo apologist’? Do you have to drag the site down by the use of such language? Luckily for you the mods seem to be having an off day.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    This is all getting a bit pointless…

  • Young Irelander

    Da McGlinchey’s Code,

    How exactly am I “brittle”?As a matter of fact on my site I have pointed out my “inaccuracy” which you can see here.
    The only people bringing this site down are people like you who seek to bully people into believing the Shinner propaganda that you delight in swallowing.Some of us have more sense.

    I have contributed to this site many times in the past and haven’t seen you too often.Could it be you’re yet another SF supporter making sure the party line is rammed down other people’s throats?I think so.
    Hopefully the mods will keep an eye on your behaviour in future.This great site doesn’t deserve ignorant people like you bringing it down.

  • peteb

    YI and DMC

    If you want to have an argument about an inaccuracy in a post on another site.. take it to that site.

    If you want to discuss the topic… stop the personal attacks and play the ball

  • Young Irelander


    Fair enough.But my comments were on topic.The other fella brought my site into the equation and made some personal remarks.
    I apologise for stooping to his level and dragging the thread off topic.

  • El Matador

    Da’s spelling mistakes were justified within the context of the struggle. They were wrong and shouldn’t have happened, but were not a crime.