Is it about closure or justice?

The McCartney story has all manner of interesting twists. The submission of on ex IRA volunteer to Musgrave Street PSNI station must certainly be one of them. It has led to a change in tone from Gerry Adams on the BBC. Athough McCartney’s sister have another view of the situation.

“I say that mindful of all the difficulties that we have had trying to straighten out and get a proper judicial system and so on, but I think that this is such a serious situation.”

The IRA said one of those expelled made a statement to a solicitor and called on the others to take responsibility. Two of the men dismissed were described by the IRA as “high ranking volunteers”.

The expulsions came after what the IRA called “an investigation” into last month’s killing.

  • Davros

    Development : The Irish news leads with this story Released man not one of IRA expellees.

  • George

    These expulsions only serve to remind me that it is apparently okay for an IRA member to murder a Garda in cold blood while carrying out an unsanctioned robbery with a bunch of Limerick hoods.

    In fact, Sinn Fein’s attitude to this type of “unsanctioned” operation varies vastly from its reaction to the McCartney murder.

    McAuley and his pals weren’t expelled, instead they were feted by Sinn Fein’s five TDs who went for a photo-op with the lads in prison.

    I’ve asked this before but maybe this is the time to ask it again: why weren’t these guys expelled from the ranks and why did SF feel they should actually be supported.

    As for the 70 witnesses to the McCartny murder, this actually reminds me of the dozens of middle-class people who witnessed Brian Murphy being kicked to death by a gang of ABC1 hoods outside a Dublin nightclub but thought better of talking to the police.

  • Ringo

    Go beyond the very obvious similarities and the subtleties of the two cases are completely different, George.

    If you want similarities – the case where Liam Keane’s trial for murder last year turned into a farce was much closer to the McCartney case.

  • George

    comparisons can be made with the Keane case as well (where witnesses did come forward but were later intimidated) but personally I see strong comparisons with the omerta around the Brian Murphy case where I’m sure many middle-class parents are quite happy their youngsters keep quiet rather than get involved in this high-profile case.

    I simply don’t believe there are 70 people in the Short Strand chomping at the bit to volunteer statements on the murder. I think the majority would rather have nothing to do with it and would prefer instead to say nothing and keep out of it.

    It is the same selfserving reason that, in my view, explains the continuing veil of silence surrounding the Murphy murder.

    I assume you agree with my part about McAuley not getting expelled.

  • Ringo

    I assume you agree with my part about McAuley not getting expelled.

    Yes – but I’m not in the slightest bit surprised by the way the’ve been feted. As far as I am concerned they are the most useful reminder for people in the Republic as to the calibre of people in the modern republican movement.

    Regarding the two cases – I think that the silence surrounding the Murphy case is coming from those that have something to hide regarding their own complicity or that of friends. The silence around the McCartney murder seems to be from people who witnessed something they shouldn’t have, but are in no way implicated or associated with the murder. So while I would agree that it is self-serving in the Murphy case it is more self-preservation by those in the pub. Like those who were at the party in Limerick where the Leamy lad was killed.

  • paddyjoe

    would it not also remind you of a gang of RUC men who watched robert hamill being kicked to death and doing nothing about it?