High ground slipping from under?

Watching the output from Sinn Fein over the last six months, one got the impression the party had the next 6 months blocked off, with all the appropriate sound bites blaming the DUP of its failure to get the fair deal it had promised it’s own electorate. How things have changed in just two short months!Richard Delevan has an appropriate quotation from an interview in the Irish Times that fingers a crucial problem for the party, its (apparently) sudden loss of the moral ground in its own heartland. It seems the McCartney murder has given wider coverage to others whose cases had been kept very local:

“When did we hand over our right to run our own community? When did we sell our birthright and allow others to deal with our problems? And why can’t these others stop the thugs who roam our streets and terrorise us? Why can’t they stop the joyriders, the drug dealers and the hoods? I think we all know the answer to that one. Shame on them.”