First Cuckoo of Spring

How’s this for “paddywhackery” in the Belfast Telegraph ?
Plea for Paddy’s Day holiday. Ghastly – forced “craic” and a girl in a shamrock bikini. Those interested in voting ? One small point.

Follow the link to vote yes or no
and to validate the vote one ends up having to supply one’s name and address to a bakery.

This is classified as “News”.

I call it sexist exploitative advertising.

And although I’m not terribly religious I think our national Saint deserves better treatment than a naff article featuring a scantily clad woman in a paper providing back-door advertising for a ‘celebrity chef’ and a bakery .

Off Soapbox.

  • spirit-level

    I’d love to wake up beside her tho eh’

  • Davros

    Will this blog re-open the shamrock colour debate ?

  • IJP

    I am religious, but lighten up son!

    On the actual issue, I didn’t realize St Pat’s wasn’t a holiday – I’ve always taken it!

  • spirit-level

    Let’s be honest
    St.Paddy’s Day is an excuse to get pissed!
    And let’s face it
    with the political process in cold storage
    we all need a good drink.

  • Davros

    There are several issues raised Ian –

    Is that sort of sexism acceptable ?
    How do you feel about the “paddywhackery” ?
    Is the commercialism by Irwins acceptable in what is claimed to be a news article ? ( I hate Christmas being labelled X-mas ! )
    I must admit, Rankin I.M.O. overdoes his “Irishness” in much the same hammish way that Ainsley Haricot is OTT. Gloria H. has the same effect on me – I automatically hit ‘off’!

  • Davros

    St.Paddy’s Day is an excuse to get pissed!

    In the past, possibly. But these days people have the money to get drunk regularly.

  • spirit-level

    ok how bout “more pissed” 😉

  • spirit-level

    “Gloria H. has the same effect on me – I automatically hit ‘off’!”
    And the daughter too, talk about nepotism!

    So here we have the basis of nationalists
    coming together with Unionists.Brilliant.

    I wonder just how much more we actually agree upon.
    If only what united us was stronger than what divides us.

  • Davros

    S-L : her daughter is dead. Comment in poor taste.

  • spirit-level

    I didn’t know that’s terrible
    I do apologise

  • maca

    The 2nd link is broken Ambrose. FYI.

    Go for it I reckon, a holiday for all. Make it a festival like Dublin, have a bit of crack/craic or even crack if you’re hardcore.

    Fixed now, thanks maca A.U.

  • Alan

    How’s about a yellow card for the sexism of SL’s initial post – it brings the site into disrepute – sorry – more disrepute?

  • Davros

    Alan – I think S-L’s first post proves the point about the Belfast Tele’s grubby little article.

  • peteb

    I’d echo the call for Ambrose to lighten up.. and Davros too by the looks of things – “grubby little article”?.. time for your nap I think.. it is an advertising campaign first and foremost – BTW where’s the exploitation?

  • peteb

    I was going to add – not a very good advertising campaign.. but it did catch Ambrose’s eye… hmm.. 😉

  • Davros

    Pete – you should know by now that I hate all this undignified “cutesy Oirishness” with a passion 😉
    At least there’s some dignity in shinnerdom’s G-C cultural imperative, although that “Irish dancing” nonsense and the Piano accordian need to be ditched.

  • spirit-level

    I think any silly comments between 1am and 5am
    should be treated thus; and not candidates for yellow cards.
    St.Pats is one big guiness promotion
    I’ve lost count of how many silly hats,
    T-shirts, and other gadgetry I have collected over the years.
    On the other hand I do get to talk to people about Irish affairs/ history/ culture that would not normally be inclined to discuss our world-famed “Oirishness”

  • Jacko

    “I’d love to wake up beside her tho eh'”

    Dead right my son, so would I.

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    The Belfast Telegraph has been liberally dotted with pictures of scantily clad ladies with no apparent motive for years now. IIRC the Portadown News has made reference to this at least once. The Telegraph isn’t much more than a tabloid dressed up as a broadsheet.

    [oops. The Telegraph apparently now *is* a tabloid..]

  • Hardy Handshake

    Look let’s just agree that:

    (i) a public holiday’s an inherently good thing;

    (ii) nekkid gerls are inherently a good thing (well, the ones who look like thon are); and

    (iii) the price of the drink’s fierce but we’ll fill our boots anyhow.

    Lighten the feck up lads.

  • mnob

    HH, wholheartedly agree, I’ll grin and bear all the fake oirishness for the day (heck I might even admit to some oirishness) in return for a day off, and hope that come the 12th of July that is reciprocated.