Unionist battleground in South Belfast…

AS Michael McGimpsey replaces Rev Martin Smyth as the UUP’s westminster candidate in South Belfast, the DUP says it will offer voters and alternative hardline unionist choice to the Trimble supporter.

  • George2

    “If they had picked Montgomery, the DUP would not have stood against him.”

    Since when have the UUP to go against their own DEMOCRACY ( a vote taken by the SB association) and pick a dark horse (nobody ever heard about) just to please an AUTOCRATIC party like the DUP.and a load of judases within the UUP.

    What happened within UUP circles in South Belfast was totally preposterous. All are waiting to see who gets the 30 pieces of silver paid out in peerages in the next honours list. by Paisley, while the staff at Cunningham House get the sack.

  • Carrington


    I think someone else said when McGimpsey got the UUP nomination for South Belfast he got what he had always wanted – on Polling Day he got what he always deserved!