Sinn Féin Roadmap for Irish Unity.

The Sinn Féin website has a link to the newly released document (PDF) “A Green Paper on Irish Unity Sinn Féin discussion paper ” with a brief introduction Sinn Féin launch campaign for a Green Paper on Irish unity

First Impression of the PDF document – negative.

I would suggest Page 1 will alienate members of the unionist community by it’s imagery. Large map of Ireland with a flag or banner carrying marcher superimposed onto the Island with a tricolour waving over the Northern part .

First impressions count and this, suggestive of triumphalism, is surely not helpful to Mr Adams’ stated hope that unionists will engage?

I hope that unionists will be prepared to take part in such a process and put forward their vision for the future and to consider, discuss and engage with the rest of the Irish people about the nature and form a new Ireland will take. (Page 3)

Undoubtedly this will go down well with supporters. But should a discussion document not be aimed at the doubters rather than the already convinced ?

What do others, Unionist and Nationalist, think? What are the initial reactions of nationalists hostile or non-sympathetic to SF ?