Sinn Féin Roadmap for Irish Unity.

The Sinn Féin website has a link to the newly released document (PDF) “A Green Paper on Irish Unity Sinn Féin discussion paper ” with a brief introduction Sinn Féin launch campaign for a Green Paper on Irish unity

First Impression of the PDF document – negative.

I would suggest Page 1 will alienate members of the unionist community by it’s imagery. Large map of Ireland with a flag or banner carrying marcher superimposed onto the Island with a tricolour waving over the Northern part .

First impressions count and this, suggestive of triumphalism, is surely not helpful to Mr Adams’ stated hope that unionists will engage?

I hope that unionists will be prepared to take part in such a process and put forward their vision for the future and to consider, discuss and engage with the rest of the Irish people about the nature and form a new Ireland will take. (Page 3)

Undoubtedly this will go down well with supporters. But should a discussion document not be aimed at the doubters rather than the already convinced ?

What do others, Unionist and Nationalist, think? What are the initial reactions of nationalists hostile or non-sympathetic to SF ?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Would that be the same green paper mentioned four blog entries down?


    Whoops, this entry will self-destruct in 15 minutes which will hopefully give you enough time to read and accept my apology ! A.U.

  • Jimmy Sands


    1. There appears to be an Italian flag on the cover.
    2. Acres of photos of these hideous individuals presumably dating back to before having the shit-eating smirks wiped off their faces.
    3. The same constitutionally illiterate proposals for the right to speak in a legislature to which no-one has elected them, together with the proposal that NI residents enjoy presidential voting privileges denied to citizens elsewhere.
    4. Remarkably, given the that the premise is the previous absence of concrete proposals as to the structure of the post-anschluss state, not a single hint as to what SF actually has in mind.

    Jimmy: would you mind transferring this to Gonzo’s blog ? I was about to wipe this when you posted. No further entries here please

  • jimmyquickswipe

    Does this Roadmap, where ever it’s going, have a detour to Donegall Square West on it?

  • jimmyquickswipe

    Makes them look ever so legitimate. It’s more like a photo shoot with a few words describing what their wearing, than a ‘government document’ on the future strategy of a country.

    Notice on the first ‘shoot’ how the parliamentary candidates with half a chance of winning a seat are lined up together, with a few southerners thrown in for posterity. Very clever.

    It’s scary when you skim your eye over the photos and see how many actual convicted murders, bombers and prisoners are posing for the photos.

  • Jimmy Sands

    ok Ambrose