Presbyterians enter political fray…

THE Presbyterian Church has said no political party should be in government unless “it is fully committed to democratic methods alone and, where applicable, renounces and forsakes criminality and engages in complete, verifiable decommissioning”. Even Presbyterian liberals like Rev Ken Newell appear to have little confidence in Sinn Fein any longer.

On the Northern Bank robbery, Former Presbyterian Moderator the Rev Dr Alastair Dunlop said: “This wilful and planned act violated the law of God, subjected bank employees and their families to terror and cruelty, betrayed relationships with the two governments, other political parties and people of goodwill, and destroyed trust in the commitment of Sinn Fein to seek peace.”

  • aquifer

    Interesting since the RM have imagined in the past that the Protestant churches could somehow negotiate for their followers. (Unionism being a delusional state caused by English dominion rather than a proper political identity, appropriate pastoral comfort is their only entitlement after RM victory)

  • Belfast Gonzo

    I thought Newell was impressive on Hearts & Minds last night. A unionist politician would have lost the bap. Newell remained steady, calm and reflective, and seemed to voice how many Presbyterians are thinking.

    For someone like Newell – who has been one of the few religious leaders to go out of his way to reach out to the ‘other side’ – to state that he has basically lost confidence in Sinn Fein is a pretty major thing.

    If Sinn Fein are at in any sense the inheritors of the legacy of 1798, it would seem they’ve just alienated the Dissenters from the equation.