IRA to be ‘outed’ as bank robbers?

Brian Rowan hints that the Garda investigations into money laundering in the Republic could lead to the IRA being outed as the organisation behind the Northern Bank.Indeed, he believes that there is little private dissent within Republican communities from the view that the IRA did do the Northern job, and that it did so for its own good reasons:

…there is a sense that the IRA twice stuck its neck out and twice had its head chopped off – that actual decommissioning and a further offer to put all arms beyond use and for the IRA to move into a “new mode”, was thrown back into the republican face. And, it was in this climate that the bank raid happened.

If there is even an ounce of truth in this analysis, the question has to be that if the political climate is likely to get worse rather than better, what exactly has the IRA got planned for the next stage of its fight back?

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