IRA to be 'outed' as bank robbers?

Brian Rowan hints that the Garda investigations into money laundering in the Republic could lead to the IRA being outed as the organisation behind the Northern Bank.

Indeed, he believes that there is little private dissent within Republican communities from the view that the IRA did do the Northern job, and that it did so for its own good reasons:

…there is a sense that the IRA twice stuck its neck out and twice had its head chopped off – that actual decommissioning and a further offer to put all arms beyond use and for the IRA to move into a “new mode”, was thrown back into the republican face. And, it was in this climate that the bank raid happened.

If there is even an ounce of truth in this analysis, the question has to be that if the political climate is likely to get worse rather than better, what exactly has the IRA got planned for the next stage of its fight back?

  • James

    “……a money laundering investigation in the Irish Republic – which might well produce a “substantive link” to the Northern Bank raid.

    What’s the point? Both governments and all the media sans An Phoblacht and the Andytown Two have already screamed that to the high heavens. Everything else is anticlimax when your DPP is Ken Starr.

    Moreover, the yokels have flushed the quail. I observed a few days ago that a premature, if not criminal, acceleration for political gain of an ongoing money laundering investigation would only drive the network underground. Today’s Irish Times carried a story confirming this about the man observed by neighbors burning money. You know, the same guy reported by the same paper as harboring cocaine and 7.62 mm ammo (cross their palms with silver): Cork’s answer to Pablo Escobar was then turned loose by the Gardi, free to roam.

    According to this IT story he burned the money upon learning that the man who gave it to him for safekeeping, “a republican activist”, was arrested. (1) Why was this story leaked and who the hell would believe a crack-head? (2) How much more went up in smoke to ensure a Fianna Fail victory in May?

    If this was an “ongoing investigation” and not a roundup of the usual suspects then why was the original transaction where the “activist” gave the loot to the guy with money to burn not observed by the cops? You try to pull this off in the states and I can guarantee that you will have a pizza delivery or plumber’s van parked somewhere up your street for weeks.

    We made a 2 million dollar Mexican drug bust in the Bay Area that barely made the inside pages of the Mercury News. Well, it was carried above the San Beinto county beef with the Miwoks over a new casino.

    Why no fanfare? Our elections are in November of next year.

  • Young Irelander

    It is so sad that nationalists feel the need to vote for Sinn Fein/IRA.They haven’t a hope of ever delivering a United Ireland.
    Turning a blind eye to SF/IRA’s criminality will achieve nothing constructive.

    It’s time nationalists realised that.

  • big white dove

    anybody read the Derry Journal editorial this week ?

  • Mario


    I think it is over for the IRA, Last night I watched a dubbed versión of the North American show LAW n ORDER SVU. Cable TV will be the death of us all here in South America. The show was about Colombian drug runners who were killing witnessess, including women and children in the streets of New York city. The hit man? A free lance IRA man who was helped by American supporters of Sinn Feinn. The show was about how Colombian drug guerillas use IRA hit men for their hits. Pretty far out stuff man, but it shows where popular cultura seems to be in North America. The actor was a Northern Irish actor who played the Protestant barber in that wonderful film An Everlasting Piece


  • Mario
  • James


    The Motorcycle Diaries is now at the neighborhood Blockbuster Video so this weekend the revolution will be televised.

    Hollywood has decimated the Provos but at least it has shown them the respect not to do it with washed-up kickboxers as in all those movies that show that we really won in Vietnam.

    There was another episode of early L&O with Mike Moriarty where a New York cop was co opted into killing a prisoner at the behest of a captive IRA man. Harrison Ford has stacked provie corpses up like cordwood in Patriot Games and The Devil’s Own. Hell, Mickey Rourke even gave them an own goal long after we killed Jimmy Cagney in the Tan War. We are ambivalent on informers because while we let Bob Mitchum live, we did in Victor McLaglen. It’s a wonder they left anyone around to disarm.

    It’s all show biz.

    When the credits roll in May will Patrick Bartholomew Aherne get a coproducer credit? Who will then get the Weasel Wrangler credit?

  • DessertSpoon

    Wasn’t there an episode of Columbo where the Murderer was running guns for the IRA via a respectable Irish American Society?? I watched a lot of Channel Five in the afternoon when I was ill recently. We should get Columbo in on the Northern case……………”just one more thing Mr Adams”

  • James

    Book ’em Dano.

  • Young Fogey

    Last night I watched a dubbed versión of the North American show LAW n ORDER SVU

    Amazing. No matter where you go in the world, always the same crap on TV!

  • Davros

    I just foud a chip on the outer lip of my zulu YF 🙁
    Now I’m cross!