Flooding the zone

Richard Delevan, in his sicNotes, asks whether, in response to the increasingly critical atmosphere, Sinn Féin is using the PR tactic of “flooding the zone” – Richard, in particular, focuses on a comparison of two recent editions of RTE Liveline. As he points out, ‘flooding the zone’ may be a crude tactic – whether in support of a candidate or a point of view – but it can work. At least as a one-off. And it can give the appearance of “grass roots” opinion, when in fact it’s been orchestrated.

It may also be worth noting Sinn Féin TD Aengus Ó Snodaigh’s response to those recent convictions when interviewed on RTÉ news – including the claim that he, Mr Ó Snodaigh, could not be held responsible for Niall Binead, a SF member [and election agent IIRC] convicted last November of, as RTÉ reports, “similar offences.”

So, is that an example of a Sinn Féin member convicted of a criminal activity?

  • smcgiff

    I heard some of Joe Duffy’s programme and it certainly seemed as if SF’s supporters were well represented on the programme. There were a range of (stock) characters.

    ‘I don’t normally vote for SF, but…’

    ‘SF are the only party that canvass my area’ (Joe answered that his mother was from the caller’s area and was bombarded with flyers etc.)

    ‘I’ve only got a roof over my head because of SF… I don’t care what happens in the North, it what can be done for me that gets my vote’

    Curiously enough though was the call from FF’s Limerick councillor Ms Ryan.
    She claimed there were plenty of criminals in FF and couldn’t say there were criminals in SF. Joe was amazed and asked her if she was sure she wasn’t in SF and if not why not! She berated her own party while lauding SF. It was certainly a strange call from a FF councillor.

  • Belfastwhite

    Pete it may be worth noting that recently a DUP member was convicted of indescent assault and currently a UUP member faces charges over fraud regarding peace fund monies. It wasn’t too long ago that a serving Police Officer was found guilty and given a slap on the wrist for cleaning up a crime scene after a young Loyalist youth hurt himself while throwing a pipe bomb. Early news reports suggested that Nationalist injured this youth because of this officers actions. Criminal Activity by an individual doesn’t make the whole organisation responsible does it? That would be like saying the travelling community as a whole is involved in crime or Blacks are habitual criminals or Irish people are stupid.

  • peteb


    If you follow the link in that comment and read the post there, you should see why I noted that particular point.

  • Belfastwhite

    Sorry Pete I’m just a newbie on here!

  • Jacko

    To even try and compare the antics of provisional republicans with any of the other groups you mentioned is like trying to compare the mafia with the boy scouts.
    Criminality in every form you can imagine, and some we can’t even begin to, is planned directed and sanctioned at corporate level within the provos.