Donaldson calls for offensive on IRA

Jeffrey Donaldson has called for a major offensive on the IRA. It’s not known what the IRA’s plans are should the grave crisis in the Peace Process continue. But Albert Reynolds told the Sunday Show that he had about two weeks warning when the IRA last suspended its ceasefire.

  • Liam

    “Jeffrey Donaldson MP last night called on the Irish and British governments to launch a major offensive against the IRA.

    Oh a major offensive? So, the internment, the torture, the collusion, the imprisonment, the diplock courts, the media censorship, the militarisation of communities, the sectarian police force and justice system…..didn’t amount to a ‘major offensive’?

    Exactly what type of ‘major offensive’ does Jeffrey think will work when all of the above failed in the past?

    Congratulations Jeffrey for such imaginative and generous thinking!

  • Jimmy Sands

    Making fun of MOPEs perhaps?

  • DessertSpoon

    Very true Liam it didn’t work but then back then it was all for a cause they believed in. Now it seems to be for the money and the big houses so perhaps giving the fat cats in the IRA and the others in the all of the paramilitary groups a good kicking where it seems to hurt (the wallet)isn’t such a bad idea.