What they said about..

“IRA finances”.. The Guardian gathers together some excerpts from the papers

  • Henry94


    It seems an odd choice to blog that scrapbook of a piece and ignore the Peter Preston article in the same paper

  • peteb

    It was my choice, henry. And, with all due respect, it’s a choice I don’t have to account to you for.

  • Henry94


    Of course you don’t. I just commented on it in the comment box. I thought that was the point.

  • Malachy

    Thanks Henry94 – it is good to see that someone in the media over there seems to have a grasp of due process .

  • fair_deal

    To all concerned by due process, the next time a loyalist organisation commits a crime I look forward to a Sinn Fein representative saying that they will not blame anyone until evidence is produced.

  • Henry94


    It’s not exactly a radical notion to expect evidence. sinn Fein have often been criticised for demanding enquiries into certain incidents involving collusion. But demanding enquries is based firmly on the acceptance of the need for evidence so I think you’re looking for an inconsistency that doesn’t exist.

  • fair_deal


    Nice attempt at misdirection.

    I never mentioned inquiries.

    My comments were on the topic of criminality and the double standards republicanism operates on. The RM make any claim they wish but offer no evidence but if someone makes a claim about them then a case beyond reasonable doubt is demanded.