Am I alone in finding the sentencing in serious crimes farcical ?
I applaud the announcement that the UDA man convicted of killing Richard Hamill must serve at least 17 years for his terrible crime. It’s tempting to suggest that life should mean life in cases such as these –
Moore could end up being released at my age, in his fifties. But why should he through concurrency in effect receive no punishment for the other offences of which he was found guilty? UDA man must serve at least 17yrs.

  • aquifer

    Whats with this concurrency thing?
    It seems to invite criminals to add plenty of other misbehaviour to the main act, or do lots of different crimes and only pay for the biggest?

    Nothing to do with creating more work for the lawyers while releasing the perps soon enough to conjure up some repeat business?

    Can a lawyer please take time to explain, even though I work and am not on legal aid?

  • maca

    You’re certainly not alone Ambrose. It’s ridiculous.

  • vespasian

    There is a lot good to be said about capital punishment – one is a reduction of sentence doesn’t apply and a second is there are no minimum terms to set.

  • Alan2

    The legal system is weighted firmly in favour of expensive lawyers. Sad but true. Cases are often forgone conclusions with people often pleading guilty to a lower charge as a deal…..but they frag it out until mid-day because lawyers get paid a full days wage after that…
    The system needs a complete overhaul

  • Alan2

    Perps also get out of numerous jails for 6 hours every other weekend to go shopping and coming up to parole released every other weekend.
    If for instance someone was sentenced to 5+2 they only serve 2 1/2 before release

  • Concerned Loyalist

    The murder of young Hamill was a terrible tragedy, but although the perpetrator was a member of the UDA, to say he represented the Association would be bringing the organisation into disrepute. The attack was not sanctioned and was condemned by the organisation, so his membership is irrelevant.

    This was not a political execution carried out in the defence of the Union and our people, but a blatantly sectarian and criminal act which should result in LIFE (meaning LIFE) imprisonment.