On Bullshit

Via Ciarán, who hat-tips Crooked Timber. Truly a book for our times, On Bullshit written by emeritus professor of philosophy at Princeton Harry Frankfurt, and based on this article, is wonderfully reviewed here in the New York Times, including this quote – The bull[shit] artist.. cares nothing for truth or falsehood. The only thing that matters to him is “getting away with what he says”.. hmm.. sound familiar?

  • aquifer

    So Bullshitters do not want to reveal what they are really at, and may even delight in their power in creating false impressions, or in persuading people into actions against their best interests.

    With speech with no practical intent, they may just be denying bandwidth to others who have an agenda that CAN be applied. Or plain covering up, due to jealously or inadequacy, that power and initiative rests elsewhere.

    Are journos professionally discouraged from probing or speculating about intent?

    More BS to come