More details on the Farren raid…

Here’s the details from the Examiner on Ted Cunningham the business man arrested yesterday along with seventeen bags of money. Presumably money lenders do keep lots of cash in and about the house, but on the face of it £2.3 million in sterling seems an implausibly excessive amount to keep in a compost bin at the bottom of your garden in Cork!

  • tom luby

    what i want to know is where is ace reporter brian rowan, the bbc’s answer to jimmy olsen in this northern bank story? – i read recently in a bbc document that in relation to peace process stories rowan “burrowed his way through the thickets, treading on many powerful and dangerous toes in the process” Oh yeah! as far as this story is concerned you can bet he has burrowed himself somewhere but it is not into this story, nor is it anywhere likely to cause offence in sinn fein circles!

  • Davros

    He was on TV last night tom.