Kenny: what on earth is going on?

Enda Kenny with another apposite statement of the bleeding obvious. He argues that any other party who had senior party members arrested would be expected to explain themselves to the Irish public, and asked why Sinn Fein feels justified in retaining an ominous silence.

  • Jacko

    “…with another apposite statement of the bleeding obvious.”

    Yes Mick, that just about sums up a contribution like that. Like someone saying something just for the sake of … well, saying something.

  • spirit-level

    I think the point he’s making is that
    “silence is a stern reply”.
    its highly embarrasing for Sinn Fein

    No more double-speak options.

    What are the chances of McGuinness
    coming out with his hands up saying
    “Its a fair cop guv”

  • Jacko


    Who knows, they’ve tried everything else.