Flynn and Daily Ireland

Flynn’s connection with Daily Ireland is confirmed by checking out the paper’s prospectus on page 6. His CV is impressive, and the paper can surely argue that a confidant of the taoiseach should be a substantial character reference in and of itself.

It has to be stressed that Flynn’s fellow directors have only been been helping the Guards with their inquiries. To that extent Sinn Féin is entirely correct to suggest that people should continue to suspend their judgements on this and other matters pertaining to the Bank Raid follow up.

It is also likely to be quite some time before there is any real clarity on this. Financial prosecutions are notoriously long and complicated and subject to all manner of scrutiny and counter-scrutiny. But there is huge potential here to set in train an investigation on a scale the island has not yet witnessed.

In the meantime, here’s the gossip in Cork on the latest arrests.