Did they or didn't they?

Whatever about what Gerry Adams meant the other day when he said he thought the IRA was telling him the truth, the wider world has taken it as a hint that the IRA was behind the Northern Bank raid.

  • Belfast Gonzo


    I was looking at the timeline on another thread, which read:

    4.30pm: Three men, two from Derry and one from Cork, arrested at Heuston station. The Corkman was found carrying €94,000 in cash. The two men from Derry have strong republican links.

    The Madrid interview was also on Wednesday. I’d be curious as to what time the interview was conducted (bearing in mind the time difference).

    It’s possible that word was just starting to filter through to Adams around the time of the interview about the first Cork arrests. This was perhaps Adams’ initial reaction to events on the ground overtaking him.