IRA recognises right of PSNI to investigate?

The Newsletter’s leader this morning notes that the pressure on the Repoublican movement is twofold, locally in the Short Strand area, and internationally from the local US Consul General, Dean Pittman. It refers to the IRA’s statement last night as a surprising and unprecedented intervention.

It notes:

This in effect comes very close to suggesting that anyone with information about the murder should pass it on to the legitimate law-enforcement agency in this jurisdiction, which happens to be the PSNI.

And ends by speculating that:

…a strategy is now being prepared which may attempt to get Sinn Fein off the hook on the serious misdeeds currently under police investigation on both sides of the border.

  • spirit-level

    A few more moves like this and it’ll be face to face with the DUP for fresh talks… marvellous.
    Time for a bailey’s I think 😉

  • Davros

    Are we going to see a purge in Belfast similar to what was reported as having happened in Dublin ?

    I was reading an article in Irish Historical Studies yesterday which, via an unlikely route, focussed on the struggle between the civic power and the military for authority after the Irish Civil War which struck me as being quite similar to events in the North.

  • Alan McDonald

    Regarding the heading given this piece:

    IRA recognises right of PSNI to investigate?

    Because of my interest in the policing question, I asked an Irish republican many years ago when would the IRA recognize a Northern Ireland police force. He gave it serious thought, and said, essentially, never. His answer was that recognition of the police would only come after re-unificatation.

    I’m not saying he spoke for all republicans, but his answer made sense. It would appear to me that the very existence of a Northern Ireland police force and the IRA are mutually exclusive.

  • willowfield


    The same “republican” would probably have told you ten years ago that republicans would never accept partition, sit in a partitionist Assembly, go on ceasefire, etc., etc., etc.

  • spirit-level

    This “realisation” statement by the IRA is indicative of the psychological shake up going on inside their minds;
    Pity that it was due to a lot of external pressure.
    When will they makes these moves with-out needing a prod on the shoulder;
    if you’ll pardon the pun.