Arrests in money-laundering raids

RTE is reporting that in a series of raids by Garda officers, in an “investigation focused on money-laundering” 7 people have been arrested, 4 in Cork and 3 in Dublin.. According to the RTE report “the gardaí seized more than £2m sterling in the Cork operations, which targetted funding to the Provisional IRA” and “they seized £60,000 which they believe to have come from the raid on the Northern Bank.” – The BBC is also reporting the RTE story but isn’t confirming the link to the Northern Bank.Update

The RTE report now states that an unnamed Sinn Féin politician was among those arrested in Cork.

While the BBC report notes –

Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuiness has told RTE that he was unaware of the arrests and said he would make no comment on the matter until he had more information.

Update to the Update

The RTE report now states “It is understood that a former Sinn Féin elected representative is among those arrested”