Should the GAA pay?

DUP assembly member Arlene Foster is unhappy that removing graffiti celebrating Tyrone’s 2003 All-Ireland football victory will cost the princely sum of 1,000 pounds sterling.

She has written to the UK’s Department of Regional Development to get the estimate for removing “Welcome Home Sam” signs in the area.

Foster said the GAA should pay for the removal of what she calls the “despicable and inconsiderate” signs, claiming it is an unwanted burden on the ordinary, decent taxpayer.

Could someone perhaps explain what is so despicable about “welcome home Sam” and did not the majority of oridinary, decent Tyrone taxpayers cheer on their county and come out to welcome the team home with Sam?

I don’t know how many taxpayers there are in Tyrone but surely a thousand nicker between the lot of them is hardly a burden and surely the amount of tax revenue from alcohol sales alone in the county on All-Ireland day would cover such a puny bill?

  • maca

    Why should the GAA pay? Unless of course it was the GAA themselves who ordered the graffiti be put there!?!

    If some louse paints “Up Liverpool” on a wall will Arlene be asking Liverpool FC to fork over the cash to clean it off? I don’t think so.

  • cg

    Would Arlene call for the OO to pay for all the security costs during the marching season?

  • Davros

    The DUP are pathetic. Hard to believe that I would find myself hoping that the UUP make a comeback.

  • alex s

    “Hard to believe that I would find myself hoping that the UUP make a comeback.”

    Great news Davros, as for the ‘Ice Queen’ red white and blue paint is obviously cheaper to remove and the less said about the holes in the road following Bonfire night the better, and she thinks she can do a Lord Ken, not a hope.

  • CavanMan

    They better take it down,because if the 8 other Ulster Counties have anything to do with it,Tyrone wont be welcoming Sam home for another 50 years. 🙂

  • Jacko

    If this is the best Arlene Foster can come up with then God help us all.

    Perhaps she and her free-loading fellow MLAs might like to consider the money wasted their before getting in a sectarian lather over such harmless graffiti.

    I take grave exception to you insinuating that there could be such a thing as a Liverpool supporter who is a louse.
    We are, in that respect alone, like provisional republicans – to be a provo and a criminal is a contradiction in terms. Likewise louse and LFC supporter. You must have been thinking of Man U and lice.
    Be careful, any more of it and Mike will surely have to consider disciplinary action.

  • maca

    Being a ManU supporter I have a low opinion of Liverpool supporters ;))

  • fair_deal

    Arlene would be better leaving the DUP criticisms of the GAA to Nelson McCausland.

    For the life of me I can’t see what the point of this particular statement was.

  • peteb

    For the life of me I can’t see what the point of this particular statement was.


    Surely the point is to remind everyone who she is? and to get us to talk about her…

  • fair_deal


    There is such a thing as bad publicity

  • Davros

    I think there are some in SF who would disagree at the moment f_d.

  • fair_deal


    You sure you read my comment correctly?
    I dropped the usual ‘no’ from the phrase on purpose.

  • Davros

    Whoops – I’m eating HP as I type f_d

  • willowfield

    Ridiculous comments by Arlene Foster.