Justified Criticism

If we take it as read that the headline is open to debate, RTE reports in NI and UK slammed over probe non-cooperation that an Oireachtas Committee has been very critical of British authorities failure to co-operate with investigations into a series of murders in the Republic during the 1970’s. Would procedings at the European Court of Human Rights embarrass those so critical of the alleged cover-up in Short Strand ?

  • Ringo

    An interesting angle on this is that Seán Ardagh (who heads the committee) was on Morning Ireland today and pretty much absolved British politicans (and he explicitly named Tony Blair and Paul Murphy) of responsibility – he said that they had been quite helpful, but the officials (penpushers/securocrats if you prefer) were the ones causing the obstruction.

  • Jeremy 1

    Typical Sean Ardagh and typical Fianna Fail. Scratch for the detail of what appears to be criticism of Britain and your typical FFer runs a proverbial mile.

    Imagine: the pen pushers tell Tony Blair and Paul Murphy where to get off! It’s the kind of ineffectual forelock tugging comment that allows mandarins to snort with derision.

  • Davros

    Plausible deniability …ever wonder why some Mandarins earn more than the Politicians ?