Dead sheep of the SDLP

If Mitchel McLaughlin was feeling any pressure from SDLP leader Mark Durkan’s spotlight on his comment that Jean McConville’s murder was not a crime, he’s not showing any sign of it. Elsewhere, the Derry Journal ascribes the SDLP’s attack on Sinn Fein as the first shots in an election, without any mention of the merit (or otherwise) of its content.

  • An Bearnach

    The sheep quote is not very original, besides being inaccurate in this case. It was used in the Commons on 14th June 1978 by Chancellor Denis Healey, referring to comments by his opposite number on the Tory benches, Geoffrey Howe. In his biography, Howe reckons even that was a ripoff and it was first used in parliament in Victorian times. If Sinn Fein took their seats instead of just taking the money, Mitchell would probably know all that.

  • JC47

    McLaughlin spoke of Sinn Fein ard feis taking four days to complete business.
    So that’s how long it takes to count £26million!!

  • vespasian

    Maybe Mitchel McLaughlin is an expert on dead sheep amongst other things.

  • cg

    “McLaughlin spoke of Sinn Fein ard feis taking four days to complete business”

    He didn’t actually; you just imagined that as well

    “We will have a three day conference in March”