No justice for victims outside ‘due process’

The Belfast Telegraph welcomes Gerry Adams support for bringing the killers of Robert McCartney to justice, and argues that the only way that can be done is if people help bring them publicly and accountably before the courts.

There was no justice about stabbings, beatings with rods and kickings that resulted in one 33-year-old man dying and another being gravely injured, with savage cuts to his neck and body. Naturally, people would want the culprits caught, but the IRA men involved are relying on fear preventing witnesses coming forward.

There could hardly be a more graphic illustration of how putting power in the hands of unprincipled people can bring a community down, if it yields to such pressure. Those who sympathise with victims’ families, in their plight, must show it by facing down the intimidators and helping to bring them before the courts.

Mr Adams has given the word that the republican movement regards the Belfast murder, in the wake of a Bloody Sunday commemoration, as an unpardonable crime. That should be enough for anyone to supply a vital clue that would result in a fitting punishment.