No justice for victims outside 'due process'

The Belfast Telegraph welcomes Gerry Adams support for bringing the killers of Robert McCartney to justice, and argues that the only way that can be done is if people help bring them publicly and accountably before the courts.

There was no justice about stabbings, beatings with rods and kickings that resulted in one 33-year-old man dying and another being gravely injured, with savage cuts to his neck and body. Naturally, people would want the culprits caught, but the IRA men involved are relying on fear preventing witnesses coming forward.

There could hardly be a more graphic illustration of how putting power in the hands of unprincipled people can bring a community down, if it yields to such pressure. Those who sympathise with victims’ families, in their plight, must show it by facing down the intimidators and helping to bring them before the courts.

Mr Adams has given the word that the republican movement regards the Belfast murder, in the wake of a Bloody Sunday commemoration, as an unpardonable crime. That should be enough for anyone to supply a vital clue that would result in a fitting punishment.

  • Alan McDonald

    This is my first comment on Slugger O’Toole.

    Policing has always been the most important issue for me. I thought after Omagh that anyone with any information would have come forward. I feel the same about the McCartney murder.

    I hope that Gerry Adams’ request will be heeded.

  • David Vance

    Let me translate from the garbage-speak of the Belfast Telegraph…”Don Corleone says he hopes mafia will be brought to justice”

  • David Vance

    Let me translate from the garbage-speak of the Belfast Telegraph…”Don Corleone says he hopes mafia will be brought to justice”

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Nobody posting on ATW David Lol.

  • Edgylee

    Presumably Mr Adams is not counting himself or Sinn Fein Reps among the ‘reputable’ persons people should bring their information to?

  • alex s

    While Adam’s comments are welcome, a priest or solicitor can’t stand up in court and present third party evidence, to secure convictions witnesses will have to go to the police, something Mr Adams has failed to urge people to do, either he does’nt understand how the court process works or his call is just a stunt.

  • J Kelly

    It looks like the stories going around about the IRA taking tapes and destroying evidence may be unfounded as it is being reported on utv that the cameras were not recording at the time of this incident.

    Gerry Adams is giving a bery clear sign to republicans that republicans should not be involved in any cover up. It seems that Gerry Adams is dammed if he does and dammed if he doesn’t.

  • Davros

    C’mon J kelly – it took a fortnight for Adams to be pressured into his current position. Why wasn’t he calling for justice the day after the Killing ? Why weren’t the local SF reps calling for people to come forward with information the day after the murder ?
    We know the answer, don’t we ?

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    J Kelly,

    it was always the case that statements put out by individuals and organisations around that time had to be treated with scepticism. Simply because no one knew exactly what had happened. Hearsay was the name of the day and was moulded into facts.
    It also no seems that at least some members of the family are now satisfied with SF’s bona fides on the case. Undoubtedly that will earn them the wrath of a few posters as it does not follow the script.

    That is why the 72 witnesses and others should get the truth out there, whatever that truth may be.

    If they feel comfortable going to the PSNI they should do so, if not other avenues are open to them.

  • An Bearnach

    Anyone seen Alex Maskey recently? Strange what a low profile he has kept since the vigil. Thought I saw him in a pub in Dundalk the other night but I could be wrong, it might have been some other wee baldy with a Belfast accent surrounded by heavies.

    Alex objected to the heavyhanded tactics of the PSNI, but not to the heavyhanded tactics of the unit which sliced up poor McCartney in a way which puts the Shankill butcher to shame. Perhaps the Provos were carrying out a community survey on policing when they knocked on every door in the Markets in the 24 hours after the murder.

    How can any sane person claim we are better off at the tender mercies of the Provo throatcutters than accepting the police?

  • willowfield

    Pathetic comments by Gerry Adams.

    If he wants to help the family and achieve justice, he should be using his position on the PIRA Army Council to get the killers and their accomplices turned into the police.