Finucane: covering up for murder…

The IRA was not the only party last week being accused of orchestrating a cover up. Michael Finucane wrote in the Guardian on how he experienced an establishment “now fighting to keep the secrets about murders like that of Pat Finucane”.

  • Tom Griffin

    A very apposite comparison.

    The Finucane family got very little attention at Westminster last week compared to the Conlon apology the day after, which is a pity because Blair’s own personal obligation on the Finucane issue is much greater and he’s effectively putting a bill through Parliament to cover up the state’s role in the murder.

  • drumcree

    It would seem that Michael Finucane’s article regarding the inquiries bill has damaging implications even greater than that for the background of his late father’s murder – namely the operation of democratic Government in accordance with the laws the UK has chosen to adopt.

    Whether the advocates of the Bloody Sunday inquiry feel satisfied after its proceedings is a moot point.

    However for a Government to espouse human rights and democracy in many other parts of the world, and then to seemingly attempt to restrict the questioning of its operation of Government in the UK is disturbing.

    An unfortunate observation is that not only were legal representatives dragged into the dirty war in Northern Ireland, but there have been many questionable incidents, not least the murder of an alleged terrorist in HM Maze Prison whose face did not fit the NIO political mould. Many questions, vested interests and few palatable answers if any.

  • Alan2

    The murky underworlds of spooks, spy`s, securocrats, terrorists, freedom fighters, politics and intelligence agencies……