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From a slightly unusual source for this site – Russia is fed up with fingers being pointed at it’s behaviour in Chechnya and has retaliated by saying, at a meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, OSCE, in Vienna that “a fact-finding mission should look into the “disproportionate” use of force by police and soldiers in Northern Ireland” – Protest Over N. Ireland Angers U.K.

  • cg

    While Russia is hardly innocent in any regard, due to human rights abuse etc

    Good stuff!!

    I would agree with their call (naturally of course)

    “There are many problems in Northern Ireland, but use of excessive force is not one of them,” British Ambassador Colin Munro said. “

    Oh yes, and he would know how exactly?

  • AlmostNormal

    What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. I don’t want to start a finger-pointing contest here, but a lot of countries have no problems lecturing others how to behave while engaging in distasteful activities domestically.
    Examples are far, far too numerous to mention…

  • Ziznivy

    There has been a disparity in how the West has viewed Russia’s problems with Chechnya and its own terrorist threat. Admittedly the Russians are far from blameless, but they have been naturally loathe to allow a lawless, fundamentalist state develop at Russia’s borders.

    The Chechen insurgency has been fuelled by gangsterism and profiteering. If we don’t want those elements prevailing in Northern Ireland, why should Russia stand for them in the Federation?

  • Jacko

    To Russia with love: Physician heal thyself.

  • mickhall

    The Chechen insurgency has been fuelled by gangsterism and profiteering.

    Posted by: Ziznivy

    I agree and the vast majority of the gangsters and profiteers came from the Russian side and their corporate backers.… What is it with this desire to decide what is good for other peoples countries? If the Chechen’s what an Islamic State and in fair and free elections vote in a government of that persuasion, that is their right. I might not like it and if the opportunity arises might speak out against it. But I neither want nor expect my government to send in the tanks to change the situation. After Iraq it seems the White House and their poodle in Downing St have a green light to do just this, whenever a government they disaprove of irritates them? Take the situation with Iran. Of course as has been demonstrated by the results from the Iraqi elections, democracy is not a one way street.

  • Davros

    Well said Mick.

  • Ziznivy

    The Iraqi / American comparison is hardly a fair one. Chechnya has been in Russian hands since the turn of the 18th century. It has a unique and enduring place in the Russian psyche. Added to that the substantial Russian minority which has lived in Chechnya.

    The Russians are prepared to accept Chechen self-government, but not at any price. the kind of Islamic regime that was attempting to force itself on the area was neither democratically mandated nor was it any more than a syndicate of opporunist gangsters masquerading behing an opportunist Islamic facade.

    There is also the small matter of the huge Chechen criminal presence in Russia itself, which was connected to the likes of Basaeyev and other seperatists.

    No western nation would be expected to tolerate a terrorist state setting itself up within its sovereign territory and no amount of sympathy for anyone who styles themselves as a nationalist will prove that Russia should.

  • aquifer

    “The mission should consider “the acts of terrorism and the instances of a disproportionate use of armed force by the army and the police that have occurred there,”

    How disproportionate? I hope that the Russian members of the mission will not be recommending the shelling of residential areas and the ‘disappearing’ of opposition activists as the proportionate Chechnya-style response to IRA gangsterism.

    Or is that what some retro IRA faction would prefer? Tired of wordy politics, time for the pure stream of national victimhood to be refreshed with irish blood and eastern iron?