Annus Horribilis continues

The annus horribilus for the Republican Movement continues. The IRA continues to be attacked from within the nationalist community. Henry McDonald reported in The Observer yesterday, Grieving sisters square up to IRA , that “a staunchly republican district of Belfast may be about to turn in Provos who killed a young father“.

The Irish News reports in Sister blames IRA for protecting killers :”The victim’s sister Paula accused the organisation of attempting to protect a senior republican allegedly involved in the murder.

She told the Sunday Tribune newspaper: “The IRA was involved in a clean-up operation in the bar so there would be no forensic evidence. The IRA threatened eye-witnesses.

“The IRA visited the local community centre and ordered people not to talk to the police and media, not even to talk to each other, about the murder.

“This raises very serious questions for Sinn Fein.”

John Kelly has weighed in from Maghera with a powerful letter, also in the Irish News (q.v.) in which he asks “For an increasing and questioning voice of concern within the nationalist/republican communities throughout the north of Ireland the questions most frequently being asked are: Have we exchanged a fascist and sectarian orange jackboot for an increasingly fascist and totalitarian green jackboot?

“Have we exchanged a sectarian RUC Special Branch for the special branch of a militia that imposes its ‘law and order’ behind a balaclava, a balaclava that brings fear and death into our communities?”

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