Father Reid, Adams and the Basques

Spanish El Mundo reports on Father Alec Reid’s involvement in the Basque country and claims he has organised a visit by Gerry Adams to the area.

(Apologies, the report is in Spanish but an earlier English language blog referring to the story has been deleted)

  • Alan2

    The wonders of Babefish translation…or not…

    An Irish priest who advises to Ibarretxe the past reunited in France with the ETA direction autumn

    MADRID. – Irish priest Alec Reid, who exerts a paper similar to the one of adviser of the ‘ lehendakarí and has worked three decades in the resolution of conflicts, entrevistó the past autumn with the cupola of ETA in France, after the halting of Mikel Albizu ‘ Antzá, at that time ‘ number unó of the band.

    According to he publishes the WORLD today, this redentorista monk visited the south of France with the purpose of contacting with the new direction of ETA and one lodged in the monastery of Belloch, the same one in which the French police appeared the past Friday to interrogate the benedictine monk Marcel Etxandi.

    The consulted sources think that from this convent, in whose facilities the band celebrated one of its original assemblies, could be facilitated the contact of Reid with the present cupola.

    Sources of the bishopric of Biscay, governed by monsignor Ricardo Blazquez, have confirmed the presence of the priest in their facilities and have recognized that when this one is in the Basque Country even provide a conductor to him to facilitate their discretion.

    Nevertheless, they have needed that Reid would lose its “support” if it were verified that its objective is to unite only to the nationalists, since has been indicated in different occasions.

    According to it publishes the WORLD, the managements of the Irish priest have waked up mistrusts between the leaders of Batasuna, who have showed their distrust by the preference that, from his point of view, Reid has shown towards the proposals of the ‘ lehendakarí as opposed to most radical.

    The priest, one of the main impellers of the Declaration of Downing Street and man of confidence of the maximum leader of the Sinn Fein, Gerry Adams, has prepared for the next days the tour that this one will carry out by Spain and in that encounter with Ibarretxe and Arnaldo Otegi are included.