B to the E on its way

A new beer from Budweiser, laced with caffeine and herbal stimulants is on its way across the Atlantic.

The drink, called ‘B to the E’ is being marketed as the “beer with something extra”.

Currently, it is only available in the USA.

With happy hours already banned in Ireland and due to be banned in the UK after the Office of Fair Trading gave permission to local authorities to do so earlier this month, to help reduce binge drinking, is the introduction of yet another stimulant-based drink really necessary?

Especially, considering many fear such drinks carry major health risks with them as fatigue is the body’s way of saying it’s had enough to drink and it’s obviously dangerous to continue to try to fool your body that you’re not as drunk as you really are.

  • snooo

    I remember with abandon my first year Brum uni outings at the local Vodbull night. These nights mostly involve very cheap shots of vodka and redbull-type drink, which stop after a certain time. Most students get there very early and drink as many of them as they can before they put the prices up. The results are usually pretty horrific, but the nights are legendary.

    After waking up one morning after a particularly heavy evening, I felt not only hungover but absolutly exhausted and lethargic. It seems that the extra caffine content, done in large doses, seems to burn up tonnes of energy. It was quite unpleasent, especially as I had an hour long walk to contend back to my digs.

    I’d never had a hangover like that before and not since, either – I don’t think I drunk vodbull in quite that quantity ever again.

    Can’t be good for you, can it?

  • Jacko


    Yes. Like amphetamines, or so I’m told (adding hastily), the vodka/red bull concoction if taken in large amounts has the body burning up energy it normally keeps in reserve – hence the complete lack of enrgy the next day, if you get there.

  • DCB

    It’s the worse hangover possible, and its revolting. Basically it was the drinks industries response to fears that the youth market was giving a miss on the drink in early 90s in favour of pills.

    They needed have worried as coke is a complimenty rather than a substitute product to booze and it has sorn in popularity to the point of being almost as ubiqutous as the joint. Or at least it has in London. However in brand terms its very much in danger of doing a Burberry

    No way can Red bull be good for you, but it’s certainly better than the chemical alternatives

  • slackjaw

    I shall be sticking to Buckfast Tonic Wine, thank you very much.

    An authentic, modern Ulster Scots tradition, if ever there was one.