Wouldn`t it be interesting…..

…if one (preferably all) of the Loyalist groupings were progressive enough to take the initiative to visually and transparently decommissioned their weapons? Would it not be the ultimate “body slam” to the Provisional movement? Not to mention ironic?

  • Davros

    ‘Interesting’ ? It would be miraculous – they don’t have the brains. If they did it would be the surest proof possible of collusion!

  • aquifer

    Another apology for the innocent catholics that died, a rejection of violence, and an attack on the sectarian nature of the Unionist and Nationalist parties ‘to pretend Unionism is a delusion is an attack on equality etc’ could rescue their reputations and put more pressure on the Provos.

    It would not be a daft move either. Random weapons all over the joint could be just the thing that will get enough of them arrested to crack them wide open, closing them down.

    Or are they just local gang chiefs that hate catholics?

  • Alan2

    “If they did it would be the surest proof possible of collusion!”

    No just an astute use of the current situation to maximum effect. Which might facilitate “decommissioning” on both sides without “losing face”

  • Jacko

    “and an attack on the sectarian nature of the Unionist and Nationalist parties”

    Yeah, that would really cut some ice wouldn’t it. It would be a bit like the late, unlamented Dr. Harold Shipman having slammed fellow GPs for not caring enough for their patients.
    These are people who have murdered teenagers for wearing Celtic tops, for Christ sake.

  • Roy

    For what it was worth. I believe the LVF done something along these lines a number of years ago.

  • Alan2

    That`s the point. Without wanting to sound like support a terrorist organisation would it not totally undermine the IRA if say the UDA decommissioned a huge amount of weapons right about now?

  • ShayPaul

    It would certainly undermine the UDA which would be a good start.

  • Alan2

    That too 😉

  • vespasian

    What advantage would there be to any paramilitary group from disarming, ‘a pat on the head from the establishment’.

    Society is dealing with thugs and terrorists whose standard of living derives directly from the their extortion and criminality, why would they want to give that up?

    Massive increases in the resources of the Criminal Assets organisation so that they can put these people out of business for good by seizing their assets and putting them where they belong, in prison could be part of the solution.

    It is probable that much of the crime that is taking place in Ireland is due to the fact that almost everyone has averted their eyes from ‘High’ level crime in order to promote the ‘peace process’ which would in time eradicate crime. What has happened is that petty criminal and others have seen what is happening and everyone has revised their ideas on what crime really is and that ‘Low’ level crime is now tolerated and being accepted.

    The people of Ireland have no one but themselves to blame for subverting the meaning of crime and it would be good if the UK Conservatives latest ideas on crime were instituted in Ireland. This would readdress the balance to a situation where crime is no longer acceptable at any level and the penalties for committing it would fit the crime.

  • spirit-level

    “No just an astute use of the current situation to maximum effect. Which might facilitate “decommissioning” on both sides without “losing face”
    I’m with you in spirit if you’ll parden the wise-crack.
    I’m doing my best as a nationlist to exploit SF’s weakness on criminality, because I want to see a United Ireland that is free from lawlessness, or I don’t want to see a United ireland at all.
    SF are not only, not adreesing the issue, but are cocking a snoop at everyone else who is.
    So to summarise
    I want to see a UI based on Democratic United Priciples , or DUP for short 😉

  • Alan2

    LOL. Surely we HAVE a United Ireland at the moment. Maybe not exactly as some would like but who would ever have thought the DUP and other Unionists would be attending regular conferences down South. That the Orange Order and Loyalist flute bands were marching in the South or that the Irish Government and SDLP would side against SF?
    And who isn`t backing Ireland in the 6 nations rugby?

  • vespasian

    Alan 2

    Good point!

    Who would have thought SF/IRA could have unified Ireland and the UK by robbing a bank. A master stroke on their part, it is a long time since I have seen such genius, the minds that conceived that strategy should be applauded.

  • irishman

    Never mind decommissioning, the first step the unionist paramilitaries need to take is to end sectarian murder bids- as witnessed in north Belfast recently, when two nationalists were lucky to survive the predictable sectarian spill-over from the on-going loyalist feud there.

    Unionist decommissioning- of legal and illegal weaponry- would be a very welcome development at this time, but only were it to be accompanied by an end to such behaviour from militant unionism.

  • Jacko

    If they’re demanding at least £70 million for maintaining the illusion of ceasefire – how much are they going to charge for a bit of decommissioning?

  • toronto

    Yes, the loyalists will disarm. And then the next day, every Blood and Crip in Los Angeles will hand in their guns too.